Nov 10

GN is China brand & USA based leading manufacturer for solids control & drilling waste management. Most of GN product is exporting to clients from China headquarter; some product is exporting to clients from USA facility.

1) GN headquarter close to Beijing

GN have two facility in Industry area, China, which is very close to Beijing International Airport. The first factory is mainly for general production of solids control equipment, including shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifugal pump, shear pump, screw pump, agitator, mud gun, mud tanks etc. The second factory is mainly for vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge, shaker screen and electrical control panels.

This two factory is the only production facility of GN Solids Control. We welcome clients to check our factory and talk more in the office.

GN Solids Control

2) GN USA base in Houston

GN USA base in Houston, already in operation for over 3 years. We have a office there, and warehouse to stock the popular solids control equipment models, including shale shakers, mud cleaner, centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, some pumps, and some shaker screens.

The clients in North America, or South America can visit GN Houston facility and meet GN people in the office, much easier for them than coming to China, fly half earth.

3) GN office in Russia

GN is also considering having their own base in Russia, to stock necessary equipment for fast sell. For now, GN have their office in Russia and visit the clients every week to promote the products sales.

The clients in Russia or neighbor countries can visit our office in Russia or come to China factory as per the convenience.

4) GN partner in Australia, Egypt, Argentina…

We don’t have direct office and warehouse in other countries, but we have some partners worldwide.

The partner in Australia is local most professional HDD contractor, with many years experience both in HDD rig and mud recycling system.

The partner in Egypt is local most professional chemical and mud Enginnering Company, with over 30 years experience in Oil & Gas drilling.



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Sep 22

As the crude oil price is lower, many drilling company stop drilling operation and are busy with oily sludge. They want to treat the oily sludge, recover valuable oil, and reduce the impact on the environment. Government in every country also has related regulations on environmental protection.

After about half year communication with different oily sludge client, we promote oily sludge treatment system with shaker, centrifuge, chemical dosing system, and O/W separator. The system includes 4 parts.

Part 1: Mixing tank with shaker and agitators

The shaker on the tank is long deck shale shaker with hot line inlet water/steam, which can help to improve the separation performance of shaker screen. We also advise coarse mesh screen for longer working life, and to avoid sludge stick on the screen.

After separation of shaker, the liquid go down to the mixing tank, the agitator will suspending it. Meanwhile, the chemical will coming from chemical dosing system. Here, the oily sludge will be diluted and have better separation.

mud tank

Part 2: Chemical dosing system

The chemical dosing system including PAM three tank dosing system, acid tank etc.

Part 3: Centrifuge on telescopic skid

After the mixing tank, the oily sludge will be transfer to centrifuge system. High speed centrifuge can separate the fine solids, discharge down to skips, and the clean liquid go to slant plate clarifier.

We recommend most popular centrifuge model GNLW363 series. The 14inch centrifuge is equivalent to Swaco 518 centrifuge or Derrick DE1000 centrifuges. We have lots of client shift from Swaco/Derrick to GN for centrifuge requirements.

Big bowl big capacity centrifuge is also available, GNLW553 centrifuge is 22inch centrifuge with big volume.


Part 4: slant plate clarifier and O/W separator

Via slant plate clarifier, the solids will be removed. Then, the liquid go to O/W separator, here the liquid will be separated into oil and water. Oil pump to oil tank; water pump to water tank.

If you are in need of solids control equipment, pls contact us freely.

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Jul 22

GN Solids Control have almost 10 years experience in solids control and drilling waste management equipment manufacturing. As China most experienced company, GN put large percent power on the optimization of decanter centrifuge. Without doubt, Decanter Centrifuge is the most advanced equipment in solids control line, play key role for the total system working performance.

GN Solids Control has different stage for the development of decanter centrifuge. After these years hard work, GN Solids Decanter Centrifuge can show much higher working performance compared with other China brand centrifuges. GN have different model centrifuge for option:

9inch bowl small size decanter centrifuge GNLW223 for waste water treatment, this centrifuge can be used for diamond drilling, hall core drilling, mining etc, some small drilling rigs. Together with shaker, the centrifuge can be used to remove solids from waste water, and the clean water can be reused for the projects.

14inch bowl popular size decanter centrifuge for solids control and drilling waste management

This GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge is the most popular model, we can sell about 200sets each year to overseas market. It is mainly used for solids control, working after mud cleaner to remove the fine solids and reduce the mud weight.  Working together with flocculent unit, the centrifuge can remove much fine solids after coagulation and flocculation.

363C (2)

18inch bowl popular size decanter centrifuge with short bowl for barite recover, GNLW452 centrifuge is mainly used for barite recovery, for solids control.

18inch and 22inch bowl popular size decanter centrifuge with longer bowl for solids control and fast drilling mud treatment

If you are from oil drilling field, we recommend you GNLW363CG fixed speed decanter centrifuge or GNLW363CG-VFD variable speed decanter centrifuge for flexible use. This is also the most popular model centrifuge, we have stock in warehouse for fast delivery. We can also offer DNV certificate if the centrifuge will be used for offshore and need helicopter lifting transportation.

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Jun 23

GN Solids Control equipment can work for oil & gas drilling, HDD, CBM, Coalbed methane etc. The mud system or solids control equipment work to treat and recycle the drilling mud, which have lots of benefits for drilling bit.

GN Solids Control equipment can also work in mud plant, where lots of drilling waste mud comes into for treatment. Recently, we have one mud service client own a liquid mud plant. The client have some old brandt centrifuges for use and they need more centrifuges and shakers. The client know GN Solids from 2013 and have more and more understanding about GN Solids Control equipment in the past three years. In this year of May, the client release purchase order and payment for the decanter centrifuge, shale shaker and centrifuge feed pump, as well as some necessary spare parts.

1) Decanter centrifuge for liquid mud plant
The client choose variable speed centrifuge as flexible use option. GNLW363CG-VFD is the most popular centrifuge model for oil drilling market, as well as drilling waste management application. The centrifuge can reach to 3200RPM bowl speed; the differential speed can also be adjusted to get better working performance.
This is GN 14inch bowl centrifuge, we also have 9inch bowl centrifuge, 18inch bowl centrifuge, 22inch bowl centrifuge for option. 14inch bowl is the most popular and we have some units in stock for fast delivery.
Pls read more from GN website:


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Jun 15

GN Solids Control have one client from Africa; require equipment & services for Thermal Desorption Unit (TUD). The client gives requirements as below:

160520 Waste Management

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Apr 28

We always have stock shaker screen, centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer and shale shaker in stock in our Houston facility. After we sell some product, we will supply it again from China headquarter. We just have one batch of centrifuges and shaker screen coming from Houston seaport. The batch equipment include: 2 sets GNLW223 decanter centrifuge, and 7 pcs wooden boxes of shaker screen. The Mini centrifuge GNLW223 is generally used for diamond drilling, mining, piling, or other construction industry. The shaker screen is used as replacement shaker screen for Swaco Mongoose shaker screen, Derrick DE1000 shaker screen, Nov brandt king cobra shaker screen etc. In year of 2014, one client from Canada bought 10 sets GNLW223 MINI centrifuge for diamond drilling project. The fine work performance and lower price make clients very happy and we build long term relationship after that order.


1)       Except for GNLW223, what model centrifuge do GN have

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Apr 19

Shale shaker is the first stage for solids control system, removing big particles by separation shaker screen. We have different model shale shaker for option, from 2 panel shaker, 3 panel shaker to 4 panel shaker. Different model shale shaker is suitable for different field application. Eg. The 2 panel mini shaker is mostly used for small drill rigs, like diamond drilling, core drilling, mining, water well drilling etc. The 4 panel shale shaker is mostly used for oil drilling rigs with higher horse power. 4 panel shaker is also the max. in size which is suitable for big mud cleaning systems.

Recently, we ship 2 sets shale shaker with 60pcs shaker screen to one domestic client. The clients require 2 sets 3 panel shaker for HDD project; replace the old shakers in the mud system. We have assembly parts for shaker and only 15 days after receiving the deposit, we deliver the cargo to clients by truck. After update the mud system with new shaker, the mud system now is working perfectly with the drill rigs to conduct the HDD projects.


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Apr 15

GN Solids Control is China good brand of solids control equipment supplier. And each month we export lots of solids control equipment or mud system to overseas client and domestic clients. Recently our warehouse is crowded because of some project equipment ready for delivery.

1) 3 sets of mud agitator for Africa client

The client bought this agitator is GN old client who already bought 2 sets 500gpm compact mud system for HDD drilling. They are really happy about the high quality of mud system and the premium working performance of the mud system. The 500gpm mud system is equipped with 4 panel shale shaker and 4 panel mud cleaner. The shaker screen is composite material shaker screen with much better working performance, longer lifetime and less maintenance. Actually, this client also bought one sets 200gpm mud system in year of 2013 for Dubai project.


2) 2 sets shale shaker for Middle East client

The shale shaker is to update the mud system the client already have for over 2 years. The client buy 2 sets new shale shaker to update their old mud system and this is relative lower cost to ongoing the new project. Because of the down market, many clients want to deduct budget, save cost and do more project. We recommend client to renew the mud system with new equipment, new shaker, new centrifugal pump, new mud cleaner and new agitator. Generally, the mud tanks can last longer time if the daily maintenance is doing each time after use.

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Mar 09

GN Solids Control is attending CIPPE 2016 Beijing oil show at 29 to 31, March. We welcome clients from overseas to visit GN booth and talk more business cooperation. If client miss CIPPE oil show, we also have OTC USA oil show in May and Iran oil show in May. The client can also visit GN boot in USA or Iran which is close to client. The equipment is almost same, we will take the high technology solids control equipment to the exhibition and show the good product and talk more business with clients from different countries.

gn-cippe-2015 2



 1) Decanter centrifuge
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Mar 02

GN Solids Control got repeated 5 sets 500gpm Mud System working for Water Well Drilling in Middle East. The client is local strong contract company having good relations with Local government. We arrange our engineer to Middle East jobsite for the first time mud system commissioning and the client is very familiar with the working process and maintenance and no need our coming in next 4 sets mud systems.

500gpm mud system for water well drilling

The mud system is equipped with below items.

1) Shale shaker GNZS703E-DZ

The shaker is GN mature shaker model which is used for over 5 years. Stable working performance and good price win the client’s good praise in past jobsite. The shale shaker is 3 panel shakers which is enough for Water well drilling or HDD project. If the client needs the long deck shaker with 4 panel screen, we can provide GNZS594E-HB shaker with replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose screen, both composite material and carbon steel material screen available.

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