Dec 02

Chile has the world’s largest copper reserves and is also the largest producer and exporter of the metal. In 2011, Chile expects global copper output will reach 16.5 million tonnes, an increase of 345,000 tonnes over 2010. Of the 16.5 million tonnes of output, Chile expects to supply 5.7 million, roughly one-third of the total demand.

mining rig mud recycling system

mining rig mud recycling system

Copper mining has played a significant role in the Chilean economy since at least 1825 when foreign investors were actively competing to control the country’s rich copper and silver deposits. By 1835, Chile was exporting 12,700 tonnes of copper per year, mostly to the United States. By 1860 copper accounted for fifty-five percent of the economy.

Mining rig drilling also needs mud recycling system, consider environment protection and drilling requirement. Since mining rig is usually very small, so the mud system should be portable and compact, the production cost will be lower than HDD and oil drilling.

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Nov 25

Last week we exported a mud mixing plant to Spain. Every year we design and manufactured hundreds of mud mixing plant for international clients, especially for developed countries, like UK, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Singapore, etc.

mud mixing plant to Spain

mud mixing plant to Spain

The mud mixing plant is with mud hopper, slurry pump, mud agitator, mud tank, control system, and the painting color can be customized. The mud tank dimension is designed by the active capacity clients required. And we should consider the container shipment when design, freight charge is one of the factor clients may care.

Except for skid-mounted mud mixing plant, we can also make it portable mud mixing plant, and connected with truck head for convenient transportation.

During shipment, we put mud hopper inside the tank by remove the Galvanized Steel Grating, and put the hand rail, stairs on top of the tank.

Except for mud mixing plant, we can also produce mud recycling system plant, including shaker tank, suction tank, reserve tank, water tank, trip tank, pill tank and related solids control equipment. We can also add dewatering unit if clients required.

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Oct 21

The mud tanks manufactured by GN solids control have been sold to more than 48 countries in the world, the application including oil & gas drilling solids control system, mud mixing system, mud storage, HDD mud recycling system, mining slurry separation system, etc.

Our mud tanks are including the following parts:

mud tank pipeline

mud tank pipeline

1 skid mounted mud tank

2 various pipelines

3 butterfly valve, flange, union, soft connector

4 Handrail, walkway, stairs, inner ladder

Now we will introduce various pipelines of mud tank system. Take a ZJ20 drilling rig solids control system as example.

1 mud cleaner pipelie

2 Mud pump suction pipeline

3 Mud mixing and weighting pipeline

4 overflow pipeline

5 Heating pipeline( only for low temperature drilling environment, such as Russia)

6 water manifold

7 Mud gun manifold

There is mud gun manifold for the whole system, and the mud gun involves all the tanks. Mediume pressure pipes connect tanks, which is sealed, reliable and convenient for installation and uninstall. The output manifold of mud pumps supply the entire mud manifold with mud fluid. Users can add input joint for mud medium pressure pipeline at the position showing in the figure.

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Sep 29

Many of GN clients use Ditch Witch rig and buy mud cleaning system from GN. Unlike other China Solids Control companies, they mainly only focus on oil gas drilling multitank big system, GN Solids Control is the most professional for compact Mud System for HDD or CBM in China.

Ditch Witch complete directional drills package including directional drilling rigs, fluids management system, drill pipe, and integrated electronics that enable the tracker operator to disable power to the drilling unit’s thrust and rotation.  Ditch Witch compact directional drilling rigs are ideal for small contractors and designed for easy setup on jobsites once considered too tight for directional drilling.

Ditch Witch rig mud cleaning system

GN Solids Control design and manufacture complete equipments for HDD (Horizontal

Directional Drilling) and CBM(Coal Bed Methane) drilling mud recycling system of :

150GPM / 350GPM / 500GPM / 800GPM / 1000GPM / 1500GPM /2000GPM.

GN150gpm mud system is specially designed for separating drilling cuttings from drilling mud within no dig processes. Due to the mini container dimensions, the mud recycling separation plant guarantees minimum setup times and an easy transportation. The mini system has been ready for operation on site and GN will dispatch engineer to provide first installation and commissioning to save customer’s time and connection work.

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Aug 12

World’s top 5 trenchless drilling rig manufacturers list collected by GN solids control.

As a trenchless drilling mud system manufacturer, GN has designed and manufactured many sets of complete mud cleaning/recycling system for trenchless drilling rigs, mainly used for horizontal directional drilling. Here we collect World’s top 5 trenchless drilling rig manufacturers list.

trenchless drilling Mud System

trenchless drilling Mud System

1 Vermeer ( )

2 Ditch Witch ( )

3 American Auger( )

4 Astec Underground(

5 Herrenknecht (

Vermeer and Ditch Witch are well known brand in the world.

1 Vermeer rig

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing or leasing a horizontal directional drill — features, durability, support, training and overall value. But one area often overlooked is the potential resale value of the unit.
Too often contractors will overlook the potential value of the machine after its useful life in their operation is over. In addition, as more contractors utilize leasing as an acquisition strategy, resale value becomes a more important component in the purchase decision.

Vermeer has distributor everywhere in the world, you can get good after-sales service from them easily.

To see GN solids control equipments for Vermeer trenchless rigs here:

Shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, mud tank

2 Ditch Witch

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Apr 08
offshore drilling

offshore drilling

GN solids control produce mud recycling system/circulation system for both land rig(onshore drilling) and offshore drilling.

What is offshore drilling?

Offshore drilling is one of the greatest technological breakthroughs in recent decades, and many new techniques have been developed to profit from the abundance of oil underneath the ocean floor. While drilling for oil has been around for hundreds of years in one form or the another, the effective extraction of petroleum from beneath the sea floor did not surface until the last forty years. The search for oil often turns out to be unproductive, but this practice is vital for the economic future of many nations.

List of the top offshore drilling service companies

1 Transocean-the world’s largest offshore well services drilling company

Largest offshore driller with 165 mobile offshore drilling and production units, inland drilling barges and supporting assets.
– Largest “floating” rig driller with more than 60 semisubmersibles and drillships.
– Largest deepwater driller with almost 40 units that can drill in more than 2,000 feet of water.
– Largest shallow-water driller with 54 jackups, including the largest jackup fleet in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico with 27units.
– Largest inland drilling barge driller with more than 30 units.
– Largest offshore driller in market equity capitalization.

land rig drilling service

land rig drilling service

2 Baker Hughes Inc-consultancy and engineering in oilfield drilling services
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Nov 22

GN-MRS500 mud recycling system is a modulized system for HDD, and it is very popular all over the world.

GN-MRS500 Mud Recycling System to Australia
This GN-MRS500 system contains:
1 GNZS 83-3 shale shaker;
1 GNZJ 83-3 mud cleaner;
2 SB5x4-14 centrifugal pump;
1 JBQ7.5 mud agitator;
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Jun 29

Mud recycling system is important in hdd boring,  how mud travels in hdd no dig system, is always a problem people may ask. And then, we concern what GN Solids Control can supply, and who all over the world have chosen GN.

How mud travels in hdd no dig system

The mud is born clean, it was mixed by bentonite and some chemical mixtures, then stored by a tank. Ready to go to the hdd no dig system. Then it was pumped to the pipe and to boring the hole, later it was bring back by the pipe to a storage tank with all the hdd no dig mud recycling systemcuttings rocks and sands.
The mud recycling is needed now, the drilling mud with sands and drilling cuttings are pumped to the system, then the cleaned mud return to the pipe.
The mud recycling is usually including shale shaker, mud cleaner, or desander and desilter instead, sometimes decanter centrifuge is also needed. The drilling mud flow through the shale shaker, desander cones, desilter cones, then the decanting centrifuge.

All units within the range use two processes when cleaning mud to ensure the drilling fluid can be recycled and used to the efficiency of the first time it is pumped down the hole.

The first process is with the use of a shaker screen. When the mud is drawn from the hole it is first discharged onto a fine mesh, which constantly moves from side to side spreading the mixture across it. This allow the drilling fluid to fall through whilst larger items such as rocks and cutting remain on the mesh until they are shaken off its bottom edge and removed from the system. Continue reading »

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