Jun 03

GN new designed GNZS63-4 shale shaker is mainly used for drilling fluids separation for oilfiled drilling.

GNZS63-4 shale shaker

GNZS63-4 shale shaker

What consist of GNZS63-4 shale shaker?

Deck adjustment, vibration motor, shaker deck, base frame, support, baffle box, explosion proof starter, shaker screen, wedge plate, torsional spring ,etc.

Feature of GNZS63-4 shale shaker

(1). Adopt two sets same vibration motor take advantage of double motor in-phase principle, shaker deck makes linear motion vibration at 45°sling angle, some spare parts are interchangeable with other brand shale shaker

(2). Adopts high quality reliable vibration motor provides long time operation without any problem.

(3). Shaker screen can be flat type or pyramid one. According to drilling mud property the screen can be 10~200mesh

(4) Shaker screen will be tensioned by wedge plate, this is more convenient and easy for operation it is very reliable

(5) Shaker deck is adjustable, the adjustment is worm wheel and screw type. Beside shaker deck two sides middle shaft is connecting two worm, when we make adjustment the shaker deck will be consistent and in-phase

(6) The complete shaker body will be treated by sand-blast, paint it by anticorrosive painting so it is more anti-corrosive and better appearance.

Specs of GNZS63-4 shale shaker

1 Vibrating motor: 2 x1.94KW

2 Screen Area: 3.15㎡(33.9 sq ft)

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Apr 22

GN solids control can design and manufacture the complete line of drilling waste management system, including shale shaker, high G dryer, vertical cutting dryer, decanter centrifuge, screw pump, etc equipments.

The first step for drilling waste management is to separate the solids cutting from the liquid drilling mud. Once solid and liquid drilling waste have been separated, companies can use a variety of technologies and practices to manage the wastes. For some applications, drilling wastes are solidified or stabilized prior to their ultimate management practice. The management technologies and practices can be grouped into three major categories: waste minimization, recycle/reuse, and disposal.

drilling waste management centrifuge

drilling waste management centrifuge

Function of waste minimization

 It can reduce volume or impacts of waste, including the following two aspects.

1 minimize generation of drilling waste

2 use mud and additives with lower environmental impacts

Function of recycle/reuse

 1 recycling mud

 2 roadspreading

 3 reuse of cutting for construction purpose

 4 restoration of wetlands using cuttings

 5 use of Oily cutting as fuel

 How to disposal?

 1 discharge to Ocean

 2 slurry injection

 3 onsite burial (pits,landfills)

Drilling waste management decanter centrifuge

GN solids control can produce 3 models decanter centrifuge for drilling waste management system.

1 Middle speed centrifuge LWF450x1000N

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Apr 01

GN solids control design and manufacture a complete solids control system/drilling mud system for oil & gas drilling, now we need a mud cooling system in our design, to make it more user-friendly. Usually we call the mud cooling system as mud cooler.


Application of mud cooling system

Scomi Oiltools Mud Cooling System

Scomi Oiltools Mud Cooling System

  • Oil, Gas, Geothermal Drilling – cooling drilling fluids
  • Oil and Gas Refineries – gas cooling/condensing
  • Petro-Chemical – steam condensing
  • Power Generation – fluid cooling
  • Steel – waste water cooling

In Oil, Gas, Geothermal Drilling ,the Mud Cooling system is used to reduce the temperature of drilling fluid returned to the surface.


In HT / HP wells the temperature of the drilling fluid must be strictly controlled to keep it’s properties within the specified parameters for that particular well. If the temperature of the drilling fluid is allowed to increase then a variety of problems can occur such as high equivalent circulating density (ECD), formation breakdown, lost circulation, packing off, stuck pipe and evaporation of the oil and water phase.


Why use mud cooler?


1 crew safety

2 Reduction of mud temperature in return lines especially important in Oil based systems to be maintained below flash point.

3 reduction of mud temperature reduces the risk of fire, blowouts, and helps provide safer drilling operation/ environment.


Benefits to well, drilling fluids, downhole equipment


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Feb 24

GN designed a new patent linear motion shale shaker, GNZS70-3B. It is designed to replace the previous model GNZS70-3 shale shaker, which is found not so economic and practical before.

 Specification of GNZS70-3B shale shaker

1 Vibrating mode: Linear motion

2 Single deck shaker with 3 screen panels

shale shaker

shale shaker

3 Quick lock( wedge technology operation), which enables screen panel replacement in less than one minute. In drilling site operation, time is more important than money, so easy operation of screen replacement is necessary. It enables for an easy ratchet-type installation of the wedges, which eliminates hammer damage to the screens, as well as the paint on the sidewall of the shaker basket. You do not need any tensioning bolts or system, which can provide a small parts inventory, thus enabling cost savings to be realized.

4 Adjustable while drilling (AWD) mechanism enable faster and easier deck angle changes., adjusment from1 degree down hill to .5 degree up hill.

5 Weir height: Until now we still can not provide operational weir height, the weir height of previous model is 900mm, and for the new designed model is 750mm.

6 Available screen types, PWP(flat panel) and PMD(pyramid screen)

7 Available screen area: 29.6m2

8 Feeding method: optional from back or from top tank

9 Treating capacity: 600gpm

10 Vibrating motor: Italy Oli brand vibrating motor, explosion proof, 220V/380V 50HZ or 230V/460V, 60HZ, 3phase, protection class IP55.

11 With standard screen underflow sump

12 High G force, max 7.5G, and it is adjustable

13 All the link bolts are SS304 material

14 ISO and API certified

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Dec 05

Once a client asked some questions about drilling fluid systems, and I think it is very representative, so I just post here, for all your reference.

*How is the fluid transferred between compartments?

If you still confused by this, contact with our sales, maybe you need a more detailed drawing, or more contact.

*Is the coupling between the tanks rigid or flexible, what is the diameter?

Definitely yes

*Are the shakers, desilters, etc.. designed to be removed quickly for transport?  Are they fitted to one large skid or individual units?

It depends sometimes, shakers, desilters are conected with the mount with screws. So if you need, it is easy.

*Can the mounting of the shakers, desilters etc.. be reversed if we require to place the tanks on the opposite side of the machine?

If you need, contact with our engineer firstly.

*For cleaning purposes, how are the tanks accessed, are the walkways removable?

Yes, the walkways is removable.

*I would prefer the hopper at ground level as all the fluids can be next to the hopper and it is easier to dispose the bags into a skip. Also in adverse weather conditions, it is easier to mix additives beneath a canopy away from the wind and rain which is something I’d like fitted.

Thank you very much for your information, and we can design the jet mud mixer as you required.

*Can you please provide a quote and specification for a degasser?

That is cool, we not only supply four phase soldis control equipments, and we also supply vacuum degasser, poor boy degasser, centrifugal pump, and shaker screens.

*What is the weight of the tanks with the components removed for transport?

You can find it in the quotation.

*The volume of each compartment?

It is different from systems one another.

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Jun 24

Drilling fluids is the most important thing in drilling works.  It means a lot, so here I list some manufacturers and also some directories for you guys. GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of drilling fluids solids control system. So if you need solids control system, contact GN Solids Control


WDC operates air/mud rotary combination, large diameter flooded reverse circulation, hollow stem auger, sonic, direct push and well development/pump rigs that have served over 300 environmental engineering and remedial clean-up contractors in support of federal programs for the DoD, DoE, EPA, USGS, and the BLM. They have also provided support to consulting firms on hundreds of major landfill, industrial, mining, cathodic protection and UST/MTBE projects for municipalities and major industrial clients, adapting new methods of drilling and sampling to address the evolving needs of their clients.

NEW PARK drilling fluids

Our customers help us determine the core competencies we need to deliver cutting-edge services and to anticipate new challenges facing the industry. By modeling our skills along the lines that are most congruent with the services our customers require, more…

GEO Drilling Fluids, Inc.

GEO Drilling Fluids started in 1971 as a small independent mud company. Then in the early 1980’s, GEO Drilling Fluids became part of a larger organization, and in 1996 the company returned again to being an independent company. GEO Drilling Fluids, Inc. has grown and is an established and reliable corporation with over 150 years of experience in our management team alone. Continue reading »

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May 07

Sand pump is a major sand pump equipment, also is a very important part in solids control system. It is judge by these factors: flow, lift power, speed, efficiency.

Usually it is featured like this:

sand pumping equipment

And it is always used here in drilling mud circulation system as a drilling fluids pumping equipment: Continue reading »

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Apr 15

M-I SWACO has been awarded a substantial multi services contract inclusive of drilling and completion fluids, drilling waste management, filtration, wellbore clean up tools, vessel cleaning and related services .
This contract is six year (with option for two additional years) and begins June 2010. The revenues is expected to result in approximately $800 million over the life of the agreement.
This contract routinely services 6 to 10 drilling rigs offshore Cabinda, Angola in Blocks 0 (shallow water) and Block 14 (deepwater).

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Dec 12

Description of drilling mud cleaning unit components installed,mud equipments appointment and the work are given below in the technological sequence.

Mud cleaning unit consists of the following parts

Mud cleaning unit

Mud cleaning unit

*Mud shale  Shaker;
* Hydrocyclone cyclone separator;
* Sludge pump;
* Float valve;
* Pipeline pressure;
* Suction pipe;
* Regenerative air heater;
* Electric control unit;
* Semi-weight;
* Tent shelter.

The drilling mud Cleaning unit performs the function of receiving drilling mud from the well and clean it from cuttings.

The mud cleaning unit first tank has three-section container consists of compartments, two of which have a height of 0,9 m and the volume of 4,5 m each, and the third – the height of 1,6 m and the volume of 9 m3. The design capacity of Uneven compartments was adopted based on the technological features of the Continue reading »

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Dec 11

GN Drilling rig mud system package are widely used for petroleum drilling and HDD(Horizontal directional drilling rig)

Land Rig mud system Packages

Drilling rig mud system

Drilling rig mud system

We deliver complete, integrated mud system packages for installation on land rigs. Our focus is on delivering custom-designed products and a quick and cost-effective mobilisation and demobilisation process.

Offshore Drilling Rig mud system Packages

We offer a range of world class drilling fluid systems for installation on new builds or upgrades of existing offshore rigs including jack-ups, semis and platforms.

Drilling Mud Equipment

GN Drilling Mud engineers and manufactures a range of drilling fluid systems and equipment. All products are available either as stand-alone products or as part of a bigger package.

Drilling rig mud equipment independent Equipment
* Drilling mud Shale Shaker
* Drilling mud Cleaner Continue reading »

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