Feb 27

GN Solids is professional manufacturer for complete sets of drilling mud separation and recycling equipment. The conventional equipment like shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump, screw pump, etc. Here, let’s learn more about desander and desilter.

1. The general installation type and function of desander and desilter

Desander and desilter are solids control equipment with a set of hydrocyclones that separate sand and silt from the drilling mud used on drilling rigs.

They can be installed separately: Desander is installed on top of the mud tank following shale shaker and vacuum degasser, but before the desilter. Desilter is installed on top of the mud tank following Desander. They also can be installed completely: in this case, they are installed on one deck shaker and called mud cleaner or mud conditioner.

Desander removes the abrasive solids from drilling mud which cannot be removed by shale shakers. Normally the solids diameter for desander to be separated would be 45~74μm, and 15~44μm for desilter


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Feb 24

GN Solids is professional solids control equipment manufacturer. We can offer shale shaker, mud cleaner, de-sander, de-silter, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, mud agitator, mud tanks etc. Regarding shale shaker, shaker screen is the most important spare parts. The shaker screen should be chosen by mud engineer who is in charge of test the property of drilling mud.

shale shaker

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Feb 17

On oil drilling rig site, Hi-G dryer shaker and double deck shaker is widely used for drilling cuttings treatment and recycling. They are both linear motion shale shaker. Some customer do not know the difference of Double deck shale shaker and High-G dryer shaker. As world top solids control and waste management equipment manufacturer, GN Solids can tell you the difference of the 2 types of shale shaker and choose the suitable model for your drilling rig.

Hi-G Dryer Shaker ( recommended model GNZS594, linear motion)

Compared with traditional shale shaker, this model with a Higher G force, can get better vibration screen separation. This model with 4 panel Mongoose shaker screen, can get bigger treating capacity. And the shaker screen is interchangeable with Swaco Mongoose screen, you can get the shaker screen from local Swaco distributor easily.

As it is single deck, relative easy to change shaker screen compared with double deck shale shaker.

High-G dryer shaker

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Feb 11

Nigeria, as the  world sixth-largest producer of crude oil, the oil exporation and drilling business is very hot. This lead to large demand on equipment used for oil drilling. GN Solids is  China manufacturer focus on solid control and drilling waste management equipment. During the year of 2013, Nigeria market imported 15 sets of decanter centrifuge from GN Solids.

The most popular centrifuge model for Nigeria oil drilling market is GNLW363VFD. Almost every customer like this model because of big treating capacity, higher G-Force, variable frequency drive. So far we have many successful maketing cases to proof GN Solids Centrifuge with reliable working performance.

Hereunder, pls see below chart of different brand comparison.

Centrifuge Comparison-Brandt HS3400-GNLW363VFD-Swaco 518

Any requirement or questions on centrifuge or other solid control equipment , pls contact GN Solids. We will offer you best support and reliable equipment.

Or send email to : roy@gnsolidcontrol.com   0086-156 0305 4293

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Jan 04

Decanter Centrifuge has different functions when it works in different conditions.  As for oil and energy field, we usually use decanter centrifuge for mud system and drilling waste management. GN Solids has many years experience in manufacturering and sales. We have exported many decanter centrifuge to over 60 countries and areas. So far, GN Solids has established some branches to support the prosperous areas, like branches in USA, UAE, Australia, Russia.

Decanter Centrifuge

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Dec 24

The drilling contractor usually buy different drill equipment from professional manufacturer separately. The equipment generally includes: drill rig, mud pump, Mud Cleaning System, Camping house etc. GN Solids Control is a manufacturer for Mud Cleaning System. Recently, we just offer a solution for Africa customer, 2000hp drill rig Mud Cleaning System. The system includes four parts as below.

Mud Cleaning System for 2000hp drill rig

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Dec 18

GN Solids Control can manufacture many kinds of shaker screen for replacement. They have control the core technology of the production. The screen model includes the replacement shaker screens for  Derrick 500/2000 PMD/PWP screen, Swaco Mongoose PT screen and also NOV Brandt king cobra shaker screen. These models are mostly popular around the world.

king cobra shaker screen

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Dec 14

Separating solids from liquids plays a key role in oil drilling mud recycling. Decanter centrifugal separator from GN Solids Control plays this crucial function exceptionally well. The working performance is strongly related with the working principle. So how it works?

In order to understand this, we need to define what is decanter centrifugal separator.  Decanter centrifugal separator also can be named short as Decanter centrifuge or centrifuge. The most common model is vertical, horizontal and conveyor centrifuges. The principle behind a decanter centrifuge is based on the theory of gravitational separation. For example, if you fill a glass with a mixture of mud and water, over time the weight of the mud will cause it to settle down at the base of the glass. With the mud congealed at the bottom, the water will be forced upwards, creating a clear separation between the two. However, unlike the glass mixture, the process is expedited through the use of continuous rotation. In fact, rotation provides anywhere from 1000 to 4000 times the normal gravitational force, reducing the time required for separation from hours to seconds.

decanter centrifugal separator

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Dec 06

Decanter centrifuge has many kinds, classified as speed, it has high speed, middle speed, low speed; classified by drive type, it has belt drive, fully hydraulic drive and magnetic drive; classified by manufacturers, it has GN Solids Control. The former 3 brand are U.S. brand and the last one is China brand. The only China brand can compare with U.S. brand.

Hereunder, we listed some middle speed centrifuge which is popular used for weighted drilling mud barite recovery, overseas and domestic market.

high speed centrifuge

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Nov 27

Centrifuge uses high-G force to separate fine solids from liquid. It can be used to process weighted and unweighted, oil based and water based drilling mud. Popular centrifuge manufacturer like Derrick, Swaco and NOV brandt are US brand. Here introduce a China popular brand, GN Solids Control.


Let’s compare GN Solids with NOV Brandt centrifuge hereunder:

1. NOV Brandt centrifuge, HS-2171L centrifuge

The HS-2172L centrifuge is fed from the solids end of the conveyor. Mud is introduced into the feed chamber of the HS-2172L through a feed tube and, with the aid of a concave accelerator, exits through twelve (12) nozzles into the bowl.

The HS-2172L is equipped with variable frequency drive (VFD) control, which provides a controlled application of motor drive power to the centrifuge components (bowl, conveyor and feed pump). Customized hardware and software packages can be designed to meet specific installation and operational requirements. With a processing capacity of up to 550 gal/min (2082 lit/min), the HS-2172 series centrifuge is able to quickly process high volumes of mud while allowing prescribed mud weights and separation efficiency to be maintained. This enables the HS-2172 series centrifuge to produce fine cut points at higher flow rates, making it ideal for high-flow applications and critical-conditions solids control.

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