Aug 31

Usually the drilling rig made in China are defined as ZJ Series. There are ZJ20 ZJ30 ZJ40 ZJ50 ZJ70, and because of the different capacity of the drilling rig required.

GNZS83-2 shale shaker for ZJ20


Linear motion shale shaker

Usually for ZJ20 drilling rig, we use GNZS83-2 shale shaker, and the shaker under the mud cleaner GNZJ83-2 is

GNZS83-2, too. For the ZJ20 or 650HP drilling rig matched 90-100M3/h mud systems.

GNZS83-2 shale shaker is linear motion shale shaker holds about 80M3/h treating capacity, that means about 352GPM. It holds 2 shaker screens. The screen area come to 1.8M2 or 9.5ft2. GNZS83-2 can be used in work over drilling rigs mud system, shallow oil well drilling, such as ZJ20 rigs, as well as 100t HDD mud system. Continue reading »

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