Jun 15

GN Solids Control have one client from Africa; require equipment & services for Thermal Desorption Unit (TUD). The client gives requirements as below:

160520 Waste Management

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Jul 24

Oily sludge treatment is very important: environmental protection, oil recovery, water separation. We just finish one project for COSL, the China largest offshore drilling company. You can check details from here:  COSL oily waste treated by GN centrifuge with chemical enhancement.  Recently, we receive one project requirements from Africa and they need us to offer proposal for oily sludge treatment. Their goal is to separate the oil and water, to incinerate the solids. And we offer 2 solutions below:

Option A: solution for oily sludge treatment – High G dryer + oil water separator + TDU

Step 1: Use high G dryer to treat the oily sludge and separate into two groups: solids and liquid.

Step 2: use oil water separator to separate liquids into oil and water

Step 3: use Thermal desorption unit to incinerate the solids.

Comments: this solution with better performance, but it is very costly because of TDU.

oily sludge treatment


oily sludge treatment 1

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