Apr 20

GN TBM Slurry separation equipment are optimally adapted to the requirements of the tunnelling (TBM) process and separate the drilling suspension completely from the solid particles consisting of gravel, stone and sand in various grain sizes. A powerful combination different solids control equipment of state-of-the-art shale shaker technology and Hydro cyclones with high g-forces results in deposit able excavated material.

micro tunnelling tbm slurry separation system

micro tunnelling tbm slurry separation system

GN Solids control manufacture all major solids control equipment for the TBM Slurry separation system including following:


  • TBM Slurry separation Shale Shakers for coarse solids separation.
  • TBM Slurry separation desander and desilters for desanding and desilting separation.
  • Centrifugal slurry pump for feeding to the separation equipment.
  • Mixing hoppers for bentonite mud mixing.

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Nov 02

Slurry treatment system is very important for slurry tunnel boring. GN Solids Control is also very professional at TBM (Tunnel Boringslurry separation system for tunneling Machine) slurry treatment system. The picture beside is the most popular slurry treatment system. It usually contains a linear motion shale shaker (GNZS63-3, or GNZS83-3), and a mud cleaner, hydro-cyclones with linear motion shale shaker (GNZS63-3, or GNZS83-3). Also mud tank for storage, centrifugal pump to transport.

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