Feb 24

GN Solids is professional solids control equipment manufacturer. We can offer shale shaker, mud cleaner, de-sander, de-silter, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, mud agitator, mud tanks etc. Regarding shale shaker, shaker screen is the most important spare parts. The shaker screen should be chosen by mud engineer who is in charge of test the property of drilling mud.

shale shaker

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Mar 23

Here share some new photos taken at CIPPE 2013( the largest petroleum show in Asia), which is held in Beijing at New China International Exhibition Center.

GN at CIPPE 2013

GN at CIPPE 2013

We take a lot of new equipments there, mainly divided into 3 sections:

1) 1 set of complete 500gpm trailer mounted mud system) for HDD( horizontal directional drilling)

2)1 set of drilling waste management system( trailer mounted) for drilling cuttings treatment

3)22inch big bowl big volume centrifuge GNLW553G

4) Mini mud cleaner (desander cone only),shaker screens

They include all GN main applications, HDD& CBM, oil & gas drilling solids control & drilling waste management. Generally speaking, the oil show is successful. Most solids control manufactures in China & in USA shared their new developed equipments. For example, trailer mounted mud system, Flocculation unit, Continue reading »

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Mar 16

GN has 6 units of flare igniters in stock, they are widely used for oil & gas drilling operations, usually works together with GN own designed mud gas separator. The flare igniters are used for connecting to the gas discharge line of mud gas separator, and fire the dangerous gas from the drilling mud like H2S. GN manufacture the flare igniter according to API &ISO standard, which meet most of the oil industry applications.

flare igniters in stock

flare igniters in stock

The upper part of the flare igniter is stainless steel, and it is designed for rain proof , water proof in the oilfield. The major components for the electrics are from famous brand like Siemens or Schneider. The power of the electric can be directly from industry normal power, or users can charge the battery and take the unit for remote areas application. GN flare igniter is with remote control, and PLC is optional available for less manpower notice for continually and automatically working.

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Jun 25

What is Sand Control?

By Oilfield glossary, sand control is one of the process of well completions. “The installation of equipment or application of techniques to prevent migration of reservoir sand into the wellbore or near-wellbore area. In weak formations, sand control may be necessary to maintain the structure of the reservoir around the wellbore. In other formation types, the migration of sand and fines into the near wellbore area may severely restrict production. Each of these conditions requires different treatments. The principal sand-control techniques include gravel packing and sand consolidation.”

sand control

sand control

Sand control focusing on gravel packing, the most popular choice.

What is Gravel packing?

Gravel packing involves the complete placement of selected gravel across the production interval to prevent the production of formation fines or sand. Any gap or interruption in the pack coverage will enable undesirable sand or fines to enter the producing system.

It includes the following components:

1 production tubing

2 production casing

3 Gravel-pack packer

4 Gravel placed in casing and perforations

5 Gravel pack screen

6 Sump packer

Sand control V.S. Solids control

Sand control has always played an important role in oil production, but solids control plays an important role in oil well drilling. They are utilized in different area.

Solids control is a technique used for well drilling to provide prepared drilling fluids for drilling rigs. Drilling fluid maintenance cost, clean up, and disposal cost as well as the overall cost of boring can be reduced dramatically when proper solids control techniques are utilized.

solids control equipments

solids control equipments

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May 06

GN solids control provides solids control system for 1500m drilling rig, also for 2000m, 3000m, 4000m, 5000m, 7000m drilling rigs. Last month we shipped 1 set of 4000m drilling rig solids control equipments to Turkey.

drilling rig mud cleaner

drilling rig mud cleaner

Now we have already Exclusive agent in Turkey, we produce mud tanks there and ship the solids control equipments from GN factory, and assembly them in Turkey. It will save considerable transportation cost of mud tank and fast the delivery time a lot. The clients in Turkey and Turkey neighborhood, such as Iran, Syria, Dubai, Egypt, Iraq, etc. countries, will benefit from this convenience.

1500m drilling rigs are used to explore middle deep oil and coal-bed methane. They have characteristics of simple structure and easy operation. There are four types of this rig: ZJ15,ZJ15DJ ,ZJ15DZ,ZJ15DB.

The1500m drilling rig has a parallelogram substructure and a telescoping mast. The mast is raised by cylinders and expanded or contracted with wireline, 1 500kW AC frequency converting motor is used to drive the drum shaft of the drawworks through the counter shaft and the roller chain. The drawworks has two gear shifts—high speed and low speed. The gear shifting is made by using the push-disc type clutch. The main brake is the hydraulic disc brake. The rotary table is connected to the drawworks with the chain and driven by the drawworks. The closed chain compound case uses the fully forced splash lubrication. The auxiliary brake is FDWS-15 air-cooling electromagnetic eddy current brake.

Petson is a local company in Turkey who can provides the complete solution for drilling rig package, including drilling rig (mobile rig), mud pump, solids control system, well control equipments, generators, etc. They have a big yard and capability to assembly the complete drilling rig package and ship to drilling site, especially in middle east. They have rich experience in oilfield drilling industry and during these years, they get good reputation and always keep good relationship with many drilling service companies.

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Mar 18

GN solids control has designed and exported many sets of 1000HP land rig solids control system to worldwide clients for oilfield drilling, we have many existing design for their different requirement. Several clients called it “mud handling system”, “mud tank system”.

GN 1000HP land rig solids control system is including the following equipments:

1 Linear motion shale shaker or BEM shaker 2 sets, they can be made of dual tandem shaker

2 vacuum degasser with 1200gpm or 1600gpm treating capacity

1000HP land rig solids control system

1000HP land rig solids control system

3 Linear motion or BEM mud cleaner with 55KW centrifugal pump

4 high speed decanter centrifuge 1 set or middle speed decanter centrifuge 1 set, depends on budget

5 Twin Jet mixing unit with 2pcs mixing pump, max mixing rate can reach 200kg/min if they work at the same time

6 poor boy degasser with 1000gpm flow rate

7 Flare ignition device

8 Mud tanks: including shaker tank, settling tank, suction tank & reserve tank, water tank, fire tank, pill tank, trip tank, etc.

9 A complete set of electric control system, explosion proof grade IP56, other electric specs and explosion proof class are available.

Once we get the rig layout, we can arrange for the layout of mud tank system and submit process flow drawing and layout drawing of the solids control system. Our design may take the following aspects into consideration.

1 waste solids discharge: we will try our best to simple the solids discharge operation, and save land area of solids discharge, sometimes a screw conveyor is applied to keep the mud system in compact structure and convenience solids discharge.

2 transportation convenience:

 All the handrail and walkway are foldable and can be moved together with tank body, you do not need to disassembly it.

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Apr 27

Oil Well Torch Introduction

The oil well torch is a electric ignition device, the oil well troch is used for igniting gas in oil and gas drilling. It is always used

oil well torch

company with the mud gas separator.GN Solids Control Flare Ignition Device is a good oil well torch and sells well all over the world.
The oil and well torch is a kind of handling arrangement used in blown down natural gas, the tail gas from collecting and distributing station of natural gas and from refinery.

The oil well torch can be used to ignited the harmful gas be fired which is used to be blown down. It is friendly to the enviorement. Continue reading »

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Jan 19

Drilling rig mat is components for drilling rig packages, as a China top solids control system manufacturer, we also manufacture  drilling rig mats. Buying drilling rig mats from us and rental to your local clients is a good business in oil gas rich areas.

A rig mat is a portable platform used to support equipment used in construction and resource-based activities

drilling rig mat

drilling rig mat

including drilling rigs, camps, mud tanks system, helipads, etc. the rig mat  also includes a structural roadway to provide passage over unstable ground, pipelines and more.

Access Rig Mats: Also known as swamp mats. Commonly made out of Spruce, Pine, Fir or a combination thereof, access mats are held together by lag bolts, nails or screws.

More about :Drilling rig mats

Wood And Steel Rig Mats: Also known as steel frame mats. Commonly made of spruce, pine, fir or a combination thereof surrounded on the edges by I Beam or HST steel. The steel is used to strengthen the mats and enable the manufactures of the mats to build them in larger sizes and to support more weight than an access mat. Continue reading »

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Dec 12

Description of drilling mud cleaning unit components installed,mud equipments appointment and the work are given below in the technological sequence.

Mud cleaning unit consists of the following parts

Mud cleaning unit

Mud cleaning unit

*Mud shale  Shaker;
* Hydrocyclone cyclone separator;
* Sludge pump;
* Float valve;
* Pipeline pressure;
* Suction pipe;
* Regenerative air heater;
* Electric control unit;
* Semi-weight;
* Tent shelter.

The drilling mud Cleaning unit performs the function of receiving drilling mud from the well and clean it from cuttings.

The mud cleaning unit first tank has three-section container consists of compartments, two of which have a height of 0,9 m and the volume of 4,5 m each, and the third – the height of 1,6 m and the volume of 9 m3. The design capacity of Uneven compartments was adopted based on the technological features of the Continue reading »

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Nov 28

GN oilfield flare ignitor system is also called Electric Ignition Device.The flare ignitor used for igniting gases from mud gas separator.

An Flare ignition system for flares is described particularly suitable for use in remote areas with limited facilities and which includes as components a power source and specifically storage batteries with a solar battery for recharging and having an associated gasoline engine driven blower for supplying air for ignition, together with an ignition panel

oilfield flare Ignitors  system

oilfield flare Ignitors system

adapted for ready connection to a source of fuel gas, to the blower, to the power source, to the stack pilot, to the pilot ignitor and if desired to the flare header for purge gas supply. The panel preferably includes a manually oprable push button for an ignition spark plug, has indicators of pilot operation and has manual control of the delivery of fuel gas for ignition, for use as pilot gas and for use as purge gas. A thermocouple is provided at the pilot for control of indicating lamps indicative of pilot operation or non-operation as well as purge failure.

Flare Ignitor is also called oilfield torch unit.

Flare Ignitors ffshore exploration and well testing. Our models are available in 12 volt solar or 110 volt electric, each comes with a standard manual flame detection, and if requested can be fitted with a thermocouple for detection and monitoring. Continue reading »

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