Oct 08

Oil well drilling mud conditioner are manufactured in our China factory.We provide you with competitive price,best solutions for drilling mud condition.

The present invention relates to additives or conditioners for oil well drilling fluids, and more particularly to a boron-chrome lignosulfonate drilling fluid additive or mud conditioner.

Drilling mud conditioner

Drilling mud conditioner

GN Solids Control design and manufacture Drilling Mud Conditioner utilizes a combination of hydro cyclones and a linear motion shale shaker to separate solids from liquid. The combination of hydrocyclone cones utilized is dependent upon the specific application of duty. Cone combinations typically consist of a few desander cones (10-inch or 12-inch) and several desilter cones (4-inch).

The most commonly used drilling fluids are aqueous dispersions of clay. The drilling fluid or “mud” is pumped down a hollow drill string, through the bit at the bottom, and up the annulus formed by the hole or casing and the drill string to thesurface. After reaching the surface, various operations are performed on the drilling fluid to remove the cuttings and formation material thereform. The drilling fluid is then treated with additives to obtain a desired set of rheological properties,and is then pumped back into the well in a continuous circulating process.

A satisfactory drilling fluid must have various desired functions, such as gelling during temporary work stoppage and other functions well known in the art, which contribute to the success of the well drilling operation. In order to accomplishthese various functions, it has been found necessary to incorporate certain additives in the drilling fluid. Modified lignosulfonates derived from spent sulfite liquor obtained from the pulping of woods have proven to be effective additives forobtaining the desired properties in drilling fluids.

These cones are mounted above the screen deck of the linear motion  shale shaker. The mud is fed first through the hydrocyclones, where it subsequently cascades down over the shale shaker. The remaining solids, including barite, are returned to the active drilling mud system.

The screens used on the shale shaker determine the cut point for the mud conditioner unit. When weighted mud  are used, shaker screens are selected in a manner that ensures that the majority of the weight material is returned to the mud system. Typically, API 170 screens (>82.5 to 98.0 microns) are utilized to reduce the amount of weight material discarded by the screens.

Drilling mud conditioner are widely used in petroleum oil and gas exploration industry, no-dig engineering, geotechnical engineering, mine, metallurgy, coal, hydropower and many other industries.GN drilling mud conditioning equipment can be used in both onshore and offshore oilfield project.HDD Horinzontal directional drilling mud system

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Sep 21

GN Solids Control Sales Jessie Keeps communicating with both our customer and engineers,we get more and more clear about customers’ requirements,and is going to figure out a solution with GN mud cleaner for Australian customer Horizontal Directional drilling mud recycle equipment

oilfield mud cleaner

oilfield mud cleaner

Today,we got praise from this customer:

Jessie,Yes I am very interested in the zqj100x10 mud cleaner
Can this be manufactured to be to 200mm shorter so this will fit on to our existing system.
Is it possible to send more pics on this model especially side angle ones and more specific dimension
This could be the answer to my problems if you can shorten the length

Jessie , what I am trying to say is that I want 3 panels on the bottom deck if possible .

can you tell me the dimensions of your panel screens?

Thank you for being so helpful and I respect your persistence and we are very serious about purchasing a mud cleaner to resolve our existing mud recycle system problems.

Then we shot more pictures in details for the mud cleaner especially side angle for the shale shaker.There are still much work to do to solve customer problems,After all,we believe with GN experienced Engineers and patient sales,finally we will be able to  Fix the mud recycle system with  GN Mud Cleaner

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Sep 18

Have you ever heard about Gambo box?

oifield drilling gambo boxes

oifield drilling gambo boxes

GN Solids Control sales representative talked with our customers about their needs on skype,and find another saying for drilling mud cleaner-Gambo box.

Learn more:Drilling mud Cleaner

Buyer:we also need a gambo boxes

Supplier:by the way,what’s gambo box?drilling mud tanks?

Buyer: no

Supplier: would you pls send a picture to me?

[2009-9-17 19:02:56] Buyer: this is just mud cleaner but for bigger drilling cutting sizes

[2009-9-17 19:03:40] Supplier: we offer customized products,we have experienced engineers,let me know more and see if we can make it

[2009-9-17 19:03:45] Buyer: derrickequipment.com

[2009-9-17 19:04:07] Supplier: We know them,off course,they are great.

[2009-9-17 19:04:28] Supplier: which product of derrick?pls send me a link

[2009-9-17 19:04:39] Buyer: ok

[2009-9-17 19:04:46] Supplier: You are just interested in purchasing from derrick?

[2009-9-17 19:04:52] Supplier: or have choices from others?

[2009-9-17 19:05:26] Buyer: we have to many offers and just compare the quality and price

[2009-9-17 19:05:39] Supplier: Great,got it

[2009-9-17 19:06:01] Buyer: how long it will take to make shale shaker sample screens?

[2009-9-17 19:06:07] Supplier: 7 days

[2009-9-17 19:06:18] Buyer: can start to produce them

[2009-9-17 19:06:38] Buyer: and i will send you money soon i get bank details?

[2009-9-17 19:06:39] Supplier: if you agree on paying airfreight in advance,we start tomorrow

[2009-9-17 19:06:48] Buyer: ok

[2009-9-17 19:06:52] Supplier: I’ll send you bank details to your Email

[2009-9-17 19:07:04] Buyer: great

[2009-9-17 19:07:35] Supplier: what about the gambo box?

[2009-9-17 19:07:52] Supplier: http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/mud-cleaner/

[2009-9-17 19:07:56] Supplier: our mud cleaner

[2009-9-17 19:08:09] Buyer: just send me quotation

[2009-9-17 19:08:23] Supplier: Quotation about our mud cleaner?

[2009-9-17 19:08:55] Buyer: yes

[2009-9-17 19:10:31] Supplier: Great,do you have  specs about the mud cleaner you need?

[2009-9-17 19:10:49] Supplier: We have customized one available

[2009-9-17 19:13:59] Supplier: Buyer,about screen samples,we still don’t know the exact weight,you pay usd 250 first,if it’s more,we pay for you,if it’s less,we account it in the formal order for you,ok?

Then we quote our customer the gambo box as well as other drilling fluids processing equipments.

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Sep 04

About Mud cleaner,shale shaker,desander desilter made in  China

We Think solids control equipments from China are getting potential markets.

Decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge

We keeping getting more and more inquiry for our solids control equipments.

Now we get into alibaba.com to sell equipments to customers around the world.

Mud Cleaner,Shale Shaker,desilter Inquiry From Australian:
Message I would appreciate a quote on teh following items
ZQJ250-100 Mud Cleaner
ZS700-3/4 Shale Shaker
ZQJ 100 x 10 Desilter

Mud Cleaner buy offer from Thailand
I am writing on behalf of the client an geological exploration company. I have come across your products as I have been looking for available mud cleaners for water-based drilling mud. What I would need to know as information now is a price of the ZQj250-100 Mud cleaner as we would need to have an order of magnitude of specific solutions.

Buy offer of shale shaker screen.
Could you please advice your price on all mesh sizes of replacement shaker screen for  Derrick FLC-2000 hook strip shale shaker screen?

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Aug 17

One of our customer require a customized mud cleaner.here is our QA about the mud cleaner and shale shaker.

Q1  Do you have dimensions of your proposed shaker setup to see if it will fit our system .

A 1,Dimensions of our proposed shaker,last email we offer you the shaker according to your screen dimensions.Pls check the following dimensions to see if it will fit your system.If not,pls provide your requirements for the dimensions.

Dimension 2050×1600×1500mm

Length: 2050mm  Width:1600mm  Height:1500mm (Total height of the shaker and desilter)

Do you use panel screens that are put in with wedges .

Q 2, We use two kind of screens A and B, pls tell us which one you prefer?

A,Show in picture 1

Picture 1 mud cleaner

mud cleaner

mud cleaner

B, Panel screens that are put in with wedges

Show in picture 2

Picture 2

The wedges for shale shaker

shale shaker wedges

shale shaker wedges

Q 3 Do you have diagrams of your proposed mud cleaner or shale shaker?

A 3,The whole mud cleaner is combine by picture3 shaker and picture4 desilter.The hydrocylone desilter is installed above the shaker.No desander.

And the type of the screen can be different as in Q2

Picture 3 double deck shale  Shakers

double deck shaker

double deck shaker

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