Oct 26

Russia oil drilling market prefers to buy more and more solids control equipment from China as the strained relationship between Russia and US. Since 2014, The sales amount to Russia have a big percentage for our exporting business.

1)Mud Cleaner:

GN Mud cleaner is combination of shale shaker, desander cones and desilter cones. Three units in one make the footprint much smaller, save lots of space for the surface of mud tank system.

GN have different type shale shaker, with 2 panel, 3 panel or 4 panel. Thus, the mud cleaner is also different which can be 2 panel, 3 panel or 4 panel deck shaker.

The mud cleaner treating capacity also decided by the desander cones qty or  desilter cones qty, which can be 200gpm, 500gpm, 800gpm,1000gpm or  1500gpm. We can control the treating capacity by the quantity of desander or desilter.

HDD mud system 2015.04

2) Decanter centrifuge

GN Decanter centrifuge have different options. For oil drilling, the most popular centrifuge model is GNLW363 and GNLW452. GNLW363 is high speed centrifuge with 14inch bowl size and can be used with fixed speed control panel or variable speed control panel; GNLW452 is middle speed centrifuge which is specialized for barite recovery or big solids separation.

Except for above two model centrifuge, we also have another model centrifuge in different bowl size. Pls check more from GN website:  GN Decanter centrifuge


3) Vertical cuttings dryer:

GN vertical cuttings dryer is used for drilling waste management. As to support the environmental protection, we design the machine as per the request from government policy. Up to now, the centrifuge show super working performance when deal with oil based mud drilling cuttings, saving lots of cost for clients on the OBM drilling cuttings treatment, in separation and transportation.

If you need any support on solids control or drilling waste management, pls contact us freely.

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Nov 29

Simply speaking, mud cleaner is shale shaker, desander, desilter assy, it is also called 3 in 1. GNZJ703 & GNZJ853 is the best choice for large treating capacity, large screen area mud cleaner, most of our clients use GN made mud cleaner before GN decanter centrifuge, this action can improve the performance of GN decanting centrifuge.

mud cleaner

mud cleaner

Mud cleaner maintenance including

1 vibration motor maintenance

(1)Clean dust on shell regularly

(2)Before operating, must check the bolts to confirm whether there is loose or not. Otherwise, we must screw bolts tight before running shaker

(3)Inspect the cable, whether there is wear, hold down, crushing, etc.

(4)the vibration motor should be under good lubrication during operation:

Motors before fixed on shaker, the bearing is filled with SKF specific lubricate grease, the temperature range is -40 ~ 200℃

2 shaker screen maintenance

(1)Before every shut off, the shaker should run without any load for 5-10 minutes, at the same time, use clean water to flush screen clean

(2)Every time finish operation, the shaker frame and screen should be flushed by water. Pls replace new screen or repair the damaged screen once it is found damage, otherwise large cutting may dropped into the clean mud and influence the following process.

3 Electric cabinet maintenance

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Sep 29

Mud cleaner is a combination of shale shaker, desander, desilter for oilfield drilling mud system, NOV Brandt also called it mud conditioner. There are many suppliers for mud cleaners, Derrick, MI-SWACO, Brandt, GN Solids Control, here we will make a comparison of the 4 model of mud cleaners. Take 1000gpm unit for example:

mud cleaner

GN mud cleaner

1 Derrick Mud Cleaner Features:

A round desilter manifold and/or a desander manifold is mounted in a cone discharge collection pan installed over the vibrating screen.Underflow from the hydrocyclones is received by the collection pan, which may feed directly to discharge or onto the vibrating screens for additional processing.

Derrick’s standard desander cone and desilter cone is 10” & 4”

2 MI-SWACO Mud Cleaner features:

Low profile through

Bypass intergral

Vertical installation method of desilter cone

MI-SWACO’s standard desander cone and desilter cone is 12” and 4”

3 Brandt Mud Cleaner

Patented pin-and-hole screen securing system

Brandt’s standard desander cone and desilter cone is 10” or 12” and 4”

4 GN Mud Cleaner

Small footprint, compact design; desilter cone is installed vertical but inclined, GN standard desander cone and desilter cone is also 10 inch and 4 inch, which is same with Derrick’s.

GN mud cleane is convenient to ship it by containers, GNZJ703-2S12N(1000gpm) footprint is only 2403x1883x2195mm, but same treating capacity, Brandt Cobra 16/2 Mud Conditioner dimension is 2692 mm x 2032 mm x 2565 mm. For same treating capacity and function equivalent, GN mud cleaner is with the smallest size.

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Aug 31

Simply speaking, mud cleaner is desander, desilter, shale shaker 3 in 1, sometimes people called it 3 in 1. For a four phase cleaning solids control system, mud cleaner can do the job for 2nd and 3rdphase cleaning of drilling fluids.

mud cleaner

mud cleaner

GN mud cleaner features:

1 standard design with various treating capacity, 500gpm, 1000gpm, 1500gpm

2 large shaker screen area to dry the solids and recycle more fluids

3 compact footprint, container shipping suitable

4 Easy maintenance, stainless steel valve on each hydrocyclone can make the replacement of cone easier, you do not need to stop whole machine.

MI-SWACO mud cleaner features:

Designed to handle the entire circulating volume to remove and dry solids while retaining premium base fluid. They are equally effective for both weighted and unweighted drilling-fluids.The hydrocyclones make the primary separation with underflow directed onto the shaker vibrating screen.

GN mud cleaner VS MI-SWACO mud cleaner

Model GN


SWACO 2-12/6T4 combo



SWACO 2-12/8T4 combo
Treating capacity 1000GPM 1000GPM 1500GPM 1200GPM
Desilter cone 4” x 12ea 4” x 12ea 4” x 16ea 4” x 16ea
Desander cone 10”x2ea 12”x2ea 10”x3ea 12”x2ea


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Feb 10

GN new designed BEM mini mud cleaner, it is special for small handling capacity mud system, such as HDD(horizontal directional drilling), water well drilling, desanding unit and small workover rig mud tank system.

GN BEM mini mud cleaner GNPJ752 Features:

mini mud cleaner

mini mud cleaner

1 with 2 panel shaker screens at API 60~80 mesh size, total screen area 1.35m2

2 vibration motion: BEM( balanced elliptical motion), which is the lastest technology, BEM shaker’s treating effect is better than traditional linear motion shaker.

3 With 4” desilter cone to separate 20 microns solids, cone qty is optional, 4pcs, 6pcs, 8pcs, 12pcs, depends on the handling capacity you required.

Or with 10” desander cone to separate 75 microns solids, cone qty is optional, 1pc or 2pcs, depends on treating capacity.

4 2ea Italy Oli vibration motor 0.7HP

5 Pretentioned shaker screens are locked by wedge, which is very convenient to replace shaker screen

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Sep 17

There are a lot of names given to the combination of hydrocyclone and shale shaker. In NOV, it is called mud conditioner; while Derrick, flow line cleaner; Mi swaco, mud cleaner; in China, GN Solids Control, also named it mud cleaner.
There are six mud conditioner types: King Cobra Mud Conditioner; Cobra Mud Conditioner; LCM-3D Mud Conditioner; Mini Cobra 2-Panel Mud Conditioner; Mini Cobra 3-Panel Mud Conditioner; King Cobra Venom Mud Conditioner. The differences is the shale shaker, and the number of cones.gn mud cleaner
There are 5 models in GN Solids Control: GNZJ83-3 GNPJ70-3 GNZJ63-3 GNZJ83-2 GNTJ60,  two kinds of shaker GNZS Linear Motion Shale Shaker, GNPS Balanced elliptical shale shaker are available.
The National Oilwell Varco? Brandt? King Cobra Mud Conditioner utilizes a combination of hydrocyclones and a King Cobra shale shaker to separate solids from liquid. The combination of hydrocyclone cones utilized is dependent upon the specific application of duty. Cone combinations typically consist of a desander cones (10-inch or 12-inch) and desilter cones (4-inch) which are properly sized to handle over 125% of the flow rate.
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Dec 21


A SCOPE & APPLICATION of  mud cleaner:

This specification covers the minimum requirement for procurement of the complete unit of Linear Motion Mud

Linear motion mud cleaner

Linear motion mud cleaner

Cleaner to remove fine drilled solids or silts from the drilling fluid by a combination of hydro cyclones and screening, operating continuously at specified rated conditions

Linear motion shale shaker  GENERAL FEATURES:

1.   Linear Motion Mud Cleaner Unit (LMMCU) shall be new & of recent manufacture (not older than one year on the date of shipment/inspection whichever is later).

2    Any item not included in the specification and considered as necessary insurance for ensuring the operation of the mud cleaner shall be included in the supply list & quoted separately in the offer.

3     The details of repair procedure & standard recommended practices to be incorporated in O & M Manual.

4.   Manufacturer to be provide operational spares for continuous duty operation of 01 year along with their part numbers & quantity in the Offer of mud cleaner for solids control system

5    Manufacturer to ensure that mud cleaner shall have minimum of 10 years design life under specified operating conditions.

Matching shale shaker of the mud cleaner should be linear motion shaker.

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Dec 07

With GN mud Cleaner being more and more famous,now search “mud Cleaner” in Google.com,You’ll find GN mud cleaner products page rank Top 5.

See tech specs for :Drilling mud cleaner

Mud Cleaner Top 6 Rank in Google:

  • Oilfield Glossary: Term ‘mud cleaner

    Mud cleaners are used mainly with oil- and synthetic-base muds where the liquid discharge from the cone cannot be discharged, either for environmental or
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  • Mud Cleaners – Mud Control Equipment

    Mud cleaners were developed in the early 1970s to remove fine drilled solids from weighted mud without excessive loss of barite and fluid.
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  • MUD CLEANERS – Soli-Con: Solids Control, Mud Cleaners, Centrifuges

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    Dec 04

    The drilling mud combo claner is a combination of desander desilter,and underflow linear motion shale shaker.

    • Inquiry for drilling mud combo cleaner:

    Drilling mud combo cleaner

    Drilling mud combo cleaner

    We are XX company an indian independent oil and gas  drilling Company in India, currently operating in the 4 blocks across the country. we need one mud cleaning  system having combo cleaner of desander 2 cone and desilter 18 cone and rest specification is attached kindly quote us your best price .waiting for your reply.

    • Combo Cleaner Mud Combo Unit

    The Combo Cleaner combines hydrocyclones and a Vibratory Screen to provide liquid/solids separation at a high flow rate. As a first stage, the mud is processed through the hydrocyclones, the cleaned fluids is carried out the Hydrocyclone overflow and the concentrated underflow (solids) are deposited on a vibratory screen deck. The screen deck imparts a rapid linear motion, producing an energy force that dewaters and conveys the solids to the discharge end of the screen. The screened fluids flows into a collection pan located below the screen deck. The cleaned liquid overflow from the hydrocyclones and the screened liquid may be blended together.Drilling Mud Cleaner Combo Unit – Hydrocyclones over a  Linear Motion Shale Shaker Screening Deck. Continue reading »

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    Oct 28

    M-I Swaco Mud Cleaner are widely used in oilfield drilling around world.GN Solids Control can supply customized mud cleaner  for Replacement of M-I Swaco line of mud cleaners.

    M-I Swaco Mud Cleaner Replacement

    M-I Swaco Mud Cleaner Replacement

    Buy M-I Swaco  replacement mud cleaner from GN,you’ll enjoy:

    • Less operation cost,GN mud cleaner shaker screen are soft strip screen with duration for over 10 days,and only USD20 for 1 screens.
    • Cusomized design for specific application from HDD mud system to oil gas drilling mud system.
    • Most competive price:World class quality,China Competive Price,1 of 10 top manufacturers in Solids control.

    The M-I SWACO line of mud cleaners consists of a two-stage separation process using a combination of hydrocyclones mounted over a mud shale shaker to operate as a single unit.

    Below is the Inquiry from customer for replacement of their M-I Swaco mud cleaner



    M-I SWACO 212/6T4 Mongoose Pt Mud Cleaner with Dual Motion Adjustable Shaker with wedge lock tensioners, two (2) 2 HP vibrator motors and one (1) 0.6 HP vibrator motor, 60 hz, 440-480 volt, ATEX


    If you want to quote an equivalent mud please specify brand and attach technical information (catalogue and tab maintenance)

    Our solutions:

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