Apr 28

GN drilling mud gas separator is popular in Indonesia.Many drilling contractor and supplier company in Surabaya Indonesia. Many drilling controactor specialize in project for PT Pertamina EP Indonesia ( Indonesian State oil and gas mining Company).At the moment drilling contractors are tendering for Mud gas separator, thus they would like to inquire regarding Mud gas separator that GN Solids Control manufacture with such specifications.

Qty for the mud gas separator:2 Units

Drilling Mud Gas Separator

Drilling Mud Gas Separator

Technical specification for the mud gas separator:

Separator Model Main Body

Diameter 1000mm

Wall thickness 10mm

Capacity 240-320 M3/H

Inlet pipe 4″

Output pipe 10″

Gas Discharger pipe 8″

Mud gas Separator Weight 2000 Kg

Mud gas separator Dimension 2000x2000x5860

Mud gas separators in other countries also called Poor boy degasser,Liquid-gas separators, Mud/Gas Separators, etc.GN Solids Control  designs and manufactures ZYQ Mud gas Separators. Mud gas Separators is an extremely reliable, vital piece of safety equipment for today’s drilling operations. It is ideal for use where drilling is likely to encounter large volumes of gas, sour gas or when an operator is drilling with an under balanced mud column.

GN Solids Control also manufacture the solar charged electric flare ignition device to matching the mud gas separator to burn the gas.

Solar Charged Flare Igniter

Solar Charged Flare Igniter

As part of the requirement of the tender drilling contractor are required to provide PT PERTAMINA EP with a supporting letter from GN Solids Control.

GN mud gas separator is to separate gas inside the drilling mud vent to the flare line to burn it in the safe areas.


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Mar 02

Mining exploration is the process of finding ore to mine. Mining exploration methods vary at different stages of the process depending on size of the area being explored, as well as the density and type of information sought.

Diamond drilling is a kind of mining exploration drilling, used in the mining industry to probe the contents of known ore deposits and potential sites. Early diamond drilling opened up many new areas for mining, and was related to a boom in mining exploration in remote locations. Before the invention of the portable diamond drill, most mineral prospecting was limited to finding outcrops at the surface and hand digging.

drilling mud separation equipments

drilling mud separation equipments


At the 1st stage of mining exploration, sometimes you only drill a small hole like 100~150mm, not so deep. Because of strict regulation of environment protection, you will have to process the drilling mud flowed from the hole. GN solids control can provide a proper solution for your drilling effluents.

GN mini shale shaker GNZS752 is a good solution for such small treating capacity drilling, its nominal treating capacity is 35m3/h at API60 mesh screen. If you need 10~15m3/h process rate, you can use API100 mesh screen. They can perfectly meet your requirement. You do not need a hydrocyclone because the treating capacity is too small, fine mesh screen can finish the job of hydrocyclone.

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Dec 02

Chile has the world’s largest copper reserves and is also the largest producer and exporter of the metal. In 2011, Chile expects global copper output will reach 16.5 million tonnes, an increase of 345,000 tonnes over 2010. Of the 16.5 million tonnes of output, Chile expects to supply 5.7 million, roughly one-third of the total demand.

mining rig mud recycling system

mining rig mud recycling system

Copper mining has played a significant role in the Chilean economy since at least 1825 when foreign investors were actively competing to control the country’s rich copper and silver deposits. By 1835, Chile was exporting 12,700 tonnes of copper per year, mostly to the United States. By 1860 copper accounted for fifty-five percent of the economy.

Mining rig drilling also needs mud recycling system, consider environment protection and drilling requirement. Since mining rig is usually very small, so the mud system should be portable and compact, the production cost will be lower than HDD and oil drilling.

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Jul 01

GN make vibrating screens for mining industry,and also design complete machinery for mining slurry separation,such as desanders, desilters,decanter centrifuges.We have exported vibrating screens and complete mineral industry slurry separation system to Turkey and many other countries around the world.

The vibrating screen is a kind of sieving equipment of international advanced level, developed by our company on the basis of carrying on the advantages of traditional screens and absorbing the outstanding technology from abroad

Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screen

It is widely used for grading and screening materials in the following fields: minerals, quarry, building materials, water conservancy and hydropower, transportation, chemical industry, smelting and so on.

Vibrating Screen Features:

1.Vibrating Screen uses eccentric block to produce strong exciting force.
2.Crossbeam and the main body of the screen are connected with high strength screw bolts. So they have the features of simple structure and easy maintenance.
3.GN Vibrating Screen adopts tire clutch with capability of flexible connection and stable operation.
4.GN Vibrating Screen adopts the structure of small amplitude, high frequency, large obliquity to make the screen hold the capability of high efficiency, large handling capacity, long life span, low consumption, little noise. Continue reading »

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May 14

GN complete line machineries can be used for liquid and solids separation.

Below,you’ll see a machineries table which used For GN240 Liquid Solids Separation.

Solids Liquid Separation Machineries Capacity Cut Point
150YZ250-40B Slurry Pump 240m³/h Feeding Shale Shaker
GNZS150-3 Shale Shaker(40Mesh) 240m³/h ≥0.42mm
150YZ250-40A Slurry Pump 270m³/h Feeding Desander
ZQJ250x3 Desander(10”) 270m³/h ≥0.07mm
150YZ250-40A Slurry Pump 270m³/h Feeding Desilter
ZQJ100x18 Desilter(4”) 270m³/h ≥25microns

Liquid Solids Separation Process
1. The 150YZ250-40B Slurry Pump Feed GNZS150-3 Shale Shaker from Slurry Pit.

2. In the first phase the Liquid and Solids passes over GNZS150-3 Shale shakers with 40mesh Screens to remove debris and larger particles. The debris can include: grass, roots, leaves, cans, plastic, rags and bottles. Solids Size≥0.41mm will be removed from the liquid

Liquid Solids Separation Machinery

Liquid Solids Separation Machinery

3. The Liquid with solids size≤0.41mm, with the above debris removed drops into an isolated section of the tank(Compartment 1) where it is picked up by a 150YZ250-40A Slurry Pump.

4. This 150YZ250-40A Slurry Pump. moves the slurry to the second phase, feed liquids with solids to ZQJ250x3 Desander(10” Cones).

5. Here the liquids with solids is pumped through the de-sanding Hydro-cyclones, which removes the solids above the 75 micron size.

6. The overflow from these hydro-cyclones drops into a second isolated tank section(Compartment 2), while the underflow is discharged from the trough of the ZQJ250x3 Desander. Continue reading »

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Jan 20

As a drilling mud solids control system manufacturer,we just succeed in getting contract with a Turkey Company for Hydraulic mining slurry separation Machinery.

Hydraulic mining slurry separation

Hydraulic mining slurry separation

Our engineer went to see the mining project in Turkey,and discussed about how to apply our slurry separation machinery and equipments.Finally we agreed on a complete slurry separation system proposal.

Hydraulic mining slurry separation system including machinery as: Slurry centrifugal pumps,mud tanks,shale shakers,desanders,desilters,slurry agitators etc.

Hydraulic ming from Hillendale Mine Continue reading »

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Dec 25

Dredge dewatering system are Integrated from Dredged slurry Separation equioments. As a drilling mud system manufacturer,we are now moving to a new division of slurry separation for Dredge dewatering system.

Contact now:Dredged dewatering Equipments Sales

The dredge dewatering Equipments

Dredged slurry tanks (Ladder、slide walk、handrail、valve, mud pipe line, clean gate)

Dredge Dewatering System

Dredge Dewatering System

Sand Pumps,Centrifugal pump
Electrical Requirements:460v, 60 Hz, 3Ph, 350 Amps or 380v, 50 Hz, 3Ph
Solid Separation Equipment
Two ZS Scalping Shakers model ZS830×108-3
2 Desanders with ZS830×108-3 Shakers
2 Desilter with ZS830×108-3 Shakers
Thru put Dredged slurry Dewatering Capacity
2000 gallons per minute, continuous.
Slurry Agitators
Two 7.5kw with double impeller
Solids Loading in Feed
15% by weight for best performance
Mud Guns

Features of Dredge Dewatering System Continue reading »

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Dec 22

Dredged slurry Separation system is one division of GN mud separation market.We manufacture Dredged slurry Separation equipments and system in China based factory,and ship our slurry separation system and equipments

Dredged slurry Separation system

Dredged slurry Separation system

around the world

GN Dredged slurry Separation system

The GN 2000 GPM dredged slurry separation system has been designed specifically to accept feed directly from the dredge at a maximum rate  2000 gpm, GN slurry separation system unique self contained solid removal technology separates solids from dredged slurry via a three stage system down to 25 um. In addition, the solids that are removed are dewatered to a stackable “pass paint filter” state, which can be readily moved with front end loader, conveyor and/or dump trucks. The effluent or discharged fluid is pumped off by a centrifugal pump. The separation process is continuous and operates completely mechanically without any chemical enhancement. The entire dredged slurry separation system is designed onto a “rock over” type trailer that is highway legal for ease of transporting.
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Oct 07

Bentonite Mud Recycling Equipment is also called drilling mud solids control equipment,usually,use linear  shale shaker,mud cleaners,and decanting centrifuges to recycle bentonite mud.

Bentonite Mud Recycling Equipment

Bentonite Mud Recycling Equipment

GN Solids Control Supply a complete list of Bentonite mud recycling equipments.

Bentonite is an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate, generally impure clay consisting mostly of montmorillonite. There are a few types of bentonites and their names depend on the dominant elements, such as K, Na, Ca, and Al. As noted in several places in the geologic literature, there are some nomenclatorial problems with the classification of bentonite clays. Bentonite usually forms from weathering of volcanic ash, most often in the presence of water.

Sodium bentonite expands when wet, possibly absorbing several times its dry mass in water. Because of its excellent colloidal properties (see Odom ref below) it is often used in drilling mud for oil and gas wells and for geotechnical and environmental investigations.
Much of bentonite’s usefulness in the drilling and geotechnical engineering industry comes from its unique rheological properties. Relatively small quantities of bentonite suspended in water form a viscous, shear thinning material. Most often, bentonite suspensions are also thixotropic, although rare cases of rheopectic behavior have also been reported. At high enough concentrations (~60 grams of bentonite per litre of suspension), bentonite suspensions begin to take on the characteristics of a gel (a fluid with a minimum yield strength required to make it move). For these reasons it is a common component of drilling mud desander used to curtail drilling fluid invasion by its propensity for aiding in the formation of mud cake.

In industrial drilling field,bentonie mud recycling equipment are widely used.

We are a China exporter of Bentonite Mud Recycling Equipment for Indian, Russian,middle east.etc.Oilfield Company of the United States and Century Int’l Oilfield Equipments LLC of the United Arab Emirates etc. choose us as Bentonite Mud Recycling Equipment supplier.Our factory and company are Quality Management System ISO 9001-2000 certified.GN solids control operate international Bentonite Mud Recycling Equipment sales,service,manufacturing,distribution serivce.Buy Bentonite Mud Recycling Equipment from China manufacturer,good quality,best price

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Oct 05

Today,A Mining company from turkey inquired us for Mining indutrial slurry separation equipments.

Download:Equipments Catalog

mining slurry separtion equipment

mining slurry separtion equipment

We are a Mining Company active in Turkey.
We continue investing on Mica, Feldspar and Heavy Minerals production from our major and significant sources, which we have already converted into Proven Reserve.
Our material is insitu weathered pyroclastic tuff and is made of sand, silt and clay.
Our quarry production is based on HYDROMINING Method, by which the material is transferred into the plant in muddy condition by means of pumps.
We have pinpointed your firm through internet for mining mud separation equipment.
In order to start a detailed communication, we would like to ask you please, to pass across as soon as possible the prices of the Mining indutrial slurry separation equipment given attached.

And he selected slurry separation equipment for mining as below.

slurry separation Shale Shaker

Mining slurry separation mud cleaner

Desander mud desilter

Decanting Centrifuge

High Speed Frequency Converter Centrifuge

Sand Pump

Jet Mud Mixer

Submersible Slurry Pump

GN Solids Control Manufacture All these Mining indutrial slurry separation equipment,supply and provide service around the world for mining mud separation.

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