May 19

For earth surface engineering,  the contractor no need to consider about combustible gas or explosive gas, like HDD no-dig engineering, piling engineering, tunneling engineering, waterway dredging engineering. But for deep drilling engineering, like oil & gas drilling, Coal bed methane drilling, shale gas drilling, all the motor and control panel should be ex-proof standard. The standard should also separately as per different geological conditions. Some security equipment is also necessary.

1) Mud Gas Separator ( poor boy degasser) — security equipment in solids control system for deep drilling

When gas cuttings happened to drilling fluid, the gravity and viscosity of drilling mud will be changed a lot and cannot satisfy the requirement for drilling, even lead to kick or blowout accident. The mud gas separator , made of high quality material , can be used to separate the harmful gas effectively.

GN Solids Control can supply the best quality mud gas separator with other solids control equipment, like shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner etc.

mud gas separator

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Apr 28

GN drilling mud gas separator is popular in Indonesia.Many drilling contractor and supplier company in Surabaya Indonesia. Many drilling controactor specialize in project for PT Pertamina EP Indonesia ( Indonesian State oil and gas mining Company).At the moment drilling contractors are tendering for Mud gas separator, thus they would like to inquire regarding Mud gas separator that GN Solids Control manufacture with such specifications.

Qty for the mud gas separator:2 Units

Drilling Mud Gas Separator

Drilling Mud Gas Separator

Technical specification for the mud gas separator:

Separator Model Main Body

Diameter 1000mm

Wall thickness 10mm

Capacity 240-320 M3/H

Inlet pipe 4″

Output pipe 10″

Gas Discharger pipe 8″

Mud gas Separator Weight 2000 Kg

Mud gas separator Dimension 2000x2000x5860

Mud gas separators in other countries also called Poor boy degasser,Liquid-gas separators, Mud/Gas Separators, etc.GN Solids Control  designs and manufactures ZYQ Mud gas Separators. Mud gas Separators is an extremely reliable, vital piece of safety equipment for today’s drilling operations. It is ideal for use where drilling is likely to encounter large volumes of gas, sour gas or when an operator is drilling with an under balanced mud column.

GN Solids Control also manufacture the solar charged electric flare ignition device to matching the mud gas separator to burn the gas.

Solar Charged Flare Igniter

Solar Charged Flare Igniter

As part of the requirement of the tender drilling contractor are required to provide PT PERTAMINA EP with a supporting letter from GN Solids Control.

GN mud gas separator is to separate gas inside the drilling mud vent to the flare line to burn it in the safe areas.


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May 18

GNZYQ1000 mud gas separator is capable of handling 1000~1400gpm drilling fluids. We have 6 units of mud gas separator in stock which are all ready for shipment with painting & package, welcome to contact with our sales. Except for mud gas separator, we also have flare ignition device in stock, which usually worked together with mud gas separator for oilfield. Mud gas separator is used to separate the harmful gas from the drilling mud, then flare ignition device is used to connect to the gas discharge line of mud gas separator, and burned it , they work together to avoid “kick” situation.

According to base type , the mud gas separator can be divided into :

mud gas separator

mud gas separator

  • Fixed type
  • Elevating type

According to the bracket type, it can be divided into horizontal type and vertical type. Most of Chinese mud gas separator is vertical installed, when you need to transport it, you can lay it down , and there is lifting pad hotizontally. MI-SWACO mud gas separator is horizontal type with a skid, it is for simplifies transport, spotting and installation. Unit can lay down during over-the-road transport

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Mar 30

GN has 4 units of poor boy degasser in stock, in addition, we have 9 units of flare ignition device in stock, which is worked together with poor boy degasser as safety equipments in the oilfield drilling.

poor boy degasser in stockk

poor boy degasser in stock

The poor boy degasser model in stock:



 Main body diameter




 Inlet pipe


 Mud Output pipe


 Gas discharge pipe






How poor boy degasser work to be anti-H2S?

( harmful gas , including but not limit to H2S)

1st way: The main material of the poor boy degasser body is 16Mn(Q345A), which is low alloy, high strength steel.

2nd way: By 3 layers of Marine Anti-Corrosion Zinc Rich Expoxy Paint:

(1). Sand Blast Treatment before painting.

(2). Two pack Epoxy zinc

(3). Two Pack Epoxy hi-build containing anticorrosive pigmentstwice.

(4). Surface pigmented with high quality light fast  PU pigments

To buy poor boy degasser in stock, welcome to contact GN solids control.

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Jul 29

Gas buster also called poor boy degasser or mud gas separator, which is used for oil and gas drilling. The description on oilfield glossary is “A simple separator vessel used to remove free or entrained gas from fluids circulated in the wellbore, such as mud used during drilling operations. The gas buster typically comprises a vessel containing a series of baffles with a liquid exit on the bottom and a gas-vent line at the top of the vessel”.

gus buster

gus buster

Gas Buster

is an important equipment to prevent well kick during drilling, so the production process should be strictly controlled. The process control including the following aspects:

1 Surface preparation


Before all paint actions will be taken the surface to be coated must be clean and free from contamination. Sharp edges shall be rounded or smoothed to radius 2 mm. Hard surface layers shall be removed by grinding before blasting. All welds shall be fully sealed.

Abrasive Blast Cleaning:

As abrasive steel grit or copper slag can be used. If oxidation has occurred between blasting and application of paint, the surface should be reblasted to the specified visual standard.

Surface defects revealed by the blast cleaning process, should be ground, filled, or treated in the appropriate manner.

2 Painting

Intershield 300 aluminium GTA 220

Intershield 300 bronze GTA 220

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Jan 24

As refer to mud gas separator or poor boy degasser, you may heard of “Flare stack”.

A flare stack (alternatively known as gas flare ) is a vertical vent pipe used in oil and gas drilling sites. The pipe diameter of flare stack is usually 8” for GN ZYQ series poor boy degasser.

flare stack

flare stack

The function of flare stacks

They are used to eliminate waste gas invaded in the drilling mud, otherwise it will lead to “blowout”, “kick”. They also act as safety systems for non-waste gas and is released via pressure relief valve when needed to ease the strain on equipment. They protect gas processing equipments from being over pressured. Also in case of an emergency situation, the flare system helps burn out the total reserve gas.

How flare stacks work

Whenever the poor boy degasser are over-pressured, the pressure relief valves automatically releases gases which are routed through large piping runs called flare headers to the flare stacks. The released gases are burned as they exit the flare stacks. The size and brightness of the resulting flame depends upon the flammable material’s flow rate in terms of joules per hour.

In order to keep the flare system functional, a small amount of gas is continuously burned, like a pilot light, so that the system is always ready for its primary purpose as an over-pressure safety system. The continuous gas source also helps diluted mixtures achieve complete combustion. Enclosed ground flares are engineered to eliminate smoke, and contain the flame within the stack.

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Jan 14

The mud gas separator is used in a ‘kick’ situation to separate large volumes of free gas invaded in the drilling fluid.

 Function of Mud gas separator

 Mud gas separator also called poor boy degasser, Gus buster, which is designed to provide effective separation of the drilling mud and invaded gas from the well by venting the gas and returning the mud to the mud pits. Small amounts of entrained gas can then be handles by a

liquid gas separator

liquid gas separator

vacuum-type degasser located in the mud pits. The mud/gas separator controls gas cutting during kick situations, during drilling with significant drilled gas in the mud returns, or when trip gas is circulated up.

 Mud leg height is an important parameter for the mud gas separator, you need to clear it during evaluation.

 What is Mud leg?

The mud leg in the separator is controlled by adjusting the fluid level in the mud tank or by moving the separat6or up or down within the tank. Mud tank height can restrict the maximum mud leg obtainable for open-bottom mud gas separator.

 Mud leg is an important part for mud gas separator, it is also called Fluid level. Fluids level is maintained in a float mud gas separator by a float/valve configuration. The float opens and closed a valve on the mud return line to maintain the mud leg level. Valves can be operated by manual linkage system connected from the float to the valve, or the valve can be air-operated with the rig air. Mud leg height can be controlled by adjusting the float assembly.

 There are some inherent problems in the use of float-type mud gas separators. The manual linkage separator has experienced problems with linkage failure resulting in improper opening or closing of the mud return line valve. Air-operated valves fail to function if rig air is lost, resulting in no control of fluid level within the separator. Mud-return-line valves are prone to plug with solids, preventing mud flow back to the mud pits.

 Gas Flow calculation is another important issue to evaluate the mud gas separator.  

Usually we need to calculate the following items.

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Aug 04

Vacuum degasser and poor boy degasser is both are degasser in oilfield, there are some differences some maybe confused.

How do the two degasser works and the difference

The vacuum degasser suck the drilling mud and separated mud and gas by vacuum pump.

Our vacuum degasser operates on a “thin strata” principle. The drill mud enters the tank and forces it to flow and distributed to a layer of internal baffle plates engineered to allow the liquid inside the vacuum degasser to flow as thin film and is exposed to the vacuum within the vessel. This layer of mud allows the gas to escape or break out of the mud . The vacuum pump releases the gas and discharge it to the disposal line. Mud exits the vessel under the action of the venturi and is returned to the mud system.

The poor boy worked by the physical characters.

The GN MUD/GAS SEPARATOR (poor boy degasser) consists of a cylindrical pressure vessel in a fixed vertical position. Inside is a series of specially angled baffle plates, stepped from the top to the bottom. When contaminated mud is routed into the separator, it flows downward successively over each plate. During this process, the heads of entrained gases “break out.” The released gas is then carried by the vent lines to a remote location where it can be safely flared. Continue reading »

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Jan 12

An offshore drilling company require the degasser from us

The drill vessel Belford Dolphin rig is considering installing a Diverter line degasser , in the vessels present offshore drilling location , the wells are subject to gas suspension in the riser (deepwater exploration) , venting this off via the choke and kill manifold to the present Poor Boy degasser  is not suitable.

mud degasser

mud degasser

The plan that is being researched at present is to install a degasser in the diverter line returning to the gumbo box.

Your model ZYQ1000 mud gas separator  or ZYQ1200 poor boy degasser is of interest to the vessel, please advise if a larger inlet can be fitted to these units IE  8” as opposed to a 5” inlet

Please supply a quote and delivery time for this offshore drilling mud degasser

The degassers for offshore drilling mud  as shown are minimal for what the client has requested from the rig.

On the present drilling location gas is being trapped in the riser (suspended in the mud) this is creating a situation were gas bubbles are coming out of the riser and causing mud to be expelled onto the drilling  rig floor , by the time this is noticed the gas bubble has all but dissipated , leaving a mess on the rig floor Continue reading »

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Dec 14

Mud gas separator sizing and design selection is important for petroleum well drilling.Welcome to consult GN for the right sizing and fit design for your mud gas separator in oilfield drilling mud.

Mud/Gas Separator Sizing and Evaluation

Recent wellsite disasters have led to an increased emphasis on properly sized mud/gas separators. To assure safty,we

Mud Gas Separator sizing design

Mud Gas Separator sizing design

should know mud/gas separator technology and recommends separator configuration, components, design considerations, and a sizing procedure. A simple method of evaluating mud/gas separation within the separator vessel has been developed as a basis for the sizing procedure. A mud/gas separator sizing worksheet will assist drilling personnel with the sizing calculations. The worksheet provides a quick and easy evaluation of most mud/gas separators for a specific well application. A brief discussion of other mud/gas separator considerations is provided, including separator components, testing, materials, and oil-based-mud considerations.

The mud/gas separator is designed to provide effective separation of the mud and gas circulated from the well by venting the gas and returning the mud to the mud pits. Small amounts of entrained gas can then be handled by a vacuum-type degasser located in the mud pits. The mud/gas separator controls gas cutting during kick situations, during drilling with significant drilled gas in the mud returns, or when trip gas is circulated up. Continue reading »

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