Mar 22

Austrialia is a good market for no-dig drilling project and has a large demand on no-dig drilling equipment. From year of 2010, GN Solids exported complete many sets of mud cleaning system there. So far, GN Solids is well known locally and awarded good reputation.

As China leading manufacturer of solids control system, GN Solids focus on customer’s requirement and always offer the best equipment. Recently, we just dispatched one set of hudraulic lifting and descending 1000GPM mud cleaning system to Australia. The system equipment configurations as below:

  • two sets of mud tanks,
  • 2 pcs of shale shaker
  • 1 pc of Mud Cleaner with desliter cones
  • mud agitators, mud hoppers, mud guns etc.

GN compact mud cleaning system is widely used in horizontal directional drilling, coalbed methane drilling, diamond drilling, water well drilling, pile drilling etc. With mud cleaning system, the constrction can lead to less pollution on environment and make full use of drilling material.

mud cleaning system

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Aug 12

World’s top 5 trenchless drilling rig manufacturers list collected by GN solids control.

As a trenchless drilling mud system manufacturer, GN has designed and manufactured many sets of complete mud cleaning/recycling system for trenchless drilling rigs, mainly used for horizontal directional drilling. Here we collect World’s top 5 trenchless drilling rig manufacturers list.

trenchless drilling Mud System

trenchless drilling Mud System

1 Vermeer ( )

2 Ditch Witch ( )

3 American Auger( )

4 Astec Underground(

5 Herrenknecht (

Vermeer and Ditch Witch are well known brand in the world.

1 Vermeer rig

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing or leasing a horizontal directional drill — features, durability, support, training and overall value. But one area often overlooked is the potential resale value of the unit.
Too often contractors will overlook the potential value of the machine after its useful life in their operation is over. In addition, as more contractors utilize leasing as an acquisition strategy, resale value becomes a more important component in the purchase decision.

Vermeer has distributor everywhere in the world, you can get good after-sales service from them easily.

To see GN solids control equipments for Vermeer trenchless rigs here:

Shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, mud tank

2 Ditch Witch

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Jun 29

Mud recycling system is important in hdd boring,  how mud travels in hdd no dig system, is always a problem people may ask. And then, we concern what GN Solids Control can supply, and who all over the world have chosen GN.

How mud travels in hdd no dig system

The mud is born clean, it was mixed by bentonite and some chemical mixtures, then stored by a tank. Ready to go to the hdd no dig system. Then it was pumped to the pipe and to boring the hole, later it was bring back by the pipe to a storage tank with all the hdd no dig mud recycling systemcuttings rocks and sands.
The mud recycling is needed now, the drilling mud with sands and drilling cuttings are pumped to the system, then the cleaned mud return to the pipe.
The mud recycling is usually including shale shaker, mud cleaner, or desander and desilter instead, sometimes decanter centrifuge is also needed. The drilling mud flow through the shale shaker, desander cones, desilter cones, then the decanting centrifuge.

All units within the range use two processes when cleaning mud to ensure the drilling fluid can be recycled and used to the efficiency of the first time it is pumped down the hole.

The first process is with the use of a shaker screen. When the mud is drawn from the hole it is first discharged onto a fine mesh, which constantly moves from side to side spreading the mixture across it. This allow the drilling fluid to fall through whilst larger items such as rocks and cutting remain on the mesh until they are shaken off its bottom edge and removed from the system. Continue reading »

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