Dec 08

Vertical Cuttings Dryer is key equipment for drilling cuttings treatment. During drilling process, the customer may use water based mud for former stage operation, and oil base mud may be coming later for deep drilling operation. Some customer may buy two sets on line drilling cuttings treatment for water based mud and oil based mud separately. Some user want to reduce budget and only prepare one set on line drilling cuttings treatment for water based mud and oil based mud drilling cuttings.

Hi-G dryer shaker:  Hi-G dryer is popular used for water based mud drilling cuttings treatment. After Hi-G dryer, high speed centrifuge will be followed for further treating. After treated by centrifuge, solids parts can be used for construction; liquid part can be further treatment by flocculent unit.

Vertical-G dryer:  Vertical-G dryer is popular used for oil based mud drilling cuttings treatment. After treated by Vertical-G dryer, the solids control can be further treated by TDU; the liquid part can be transferred to shale shaker again. Or collect the liquid part into catching tank and use high speed centrifuge.000000 GN Vertical cuttings dryer Continue reading »

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Jul 09

Screw conveyor is widely used in drilling mud solids control & waste management as important transportation equipment. Proper use of screw conveyor can make the field job with small footprint and high working efficiency. Let’s draw some conclusions on screw conveyor application in drilling waste management.

screw conveyor

1) Connection between mud solids control system & drilling waste management system

The screw conveyor can positioned paralleled with solids control system, equipment like shale shaker, desander, desilter (or mud cleaner, combination of desander & desilter). The paralleled screw conveyor can collect the drilling cuttings discharged from solids control equipment and transport to next slant screw conveyor. This screw conveyor is for feeding for Hi-G dryer or Vertical-G dryer.

2) Feeding for Hi-G dryer & Vertical-G dryer

GN drilling waste management system, the first separation phase is generally equipped with Hi-G dryer or Vertical-G dryer. They both can be used for water based mud, oil based mud & synthetic based mud. Generally, the Hi-G dryer is more proper for water based mud; vertical-G dryer is more proper for synthetic based mud with comprehensive consideration.

The screw conveyor can make the feeding more even/homogeneous, in this case, the working performance of Hi-G dryer or vertical-G dryer can be stable.

Vertical-G dryer working jobsite video:

Decanter Centrifuge working jobsite video:

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Jun 10

Drilling waste management and zero discharge is a getting much popular recent years. It is important to get zero discharge on drilling waste management.  Many EPC company wanna source professional equipment and professional personnel on the potential projects with large profit.  The the drilling waste market capacity can reach 17 billion before 2018, it is said.

GN Solids Control is leading manufacturer for  drilling waste management equipment & solids control equipment; after some years experience accumulation, GN Solids Control can offer professional solution on drilling waste management and can answer the question most of the people faced with ” How to achieve zero discharge on drilling waste management “. This chapter will give a comprehensive knowledge of drilling waste (OBM & WBM) from three parts as below. And tell people how to achieve zero discharge on drilling waste management in Part 3.

  1.  Source of drilling waste
  2. Necessary drilling waste management equipment
  3. Treating process of drilling waste and How to achieve Zero discharge of drilling waste

Part 1: Source of drilling waste

Source 1: Drilling waste from oil based mud drilling operations. The assessment is yet to be conducted

Souce 2: Refinery waste: Most of it is waste water, sludge, and the usual refineries waste ingredients. The refinery waste will be first recovered from large ponds and for those ponds to be remediated to original status where we will plant them with trees.

Source 3: Storage tank sludge: The tanks are yet to be calculated in terms of number and storage capacity. However, they are estimated to exceed the 50 tanks mark.

Source 4: Oil pits (there are many oil pits and waste management service company are trying to do land remediation to original state which means they will treat the crude to get it back to its crude status, soil back to soil and water to be recovered):

Oil pit case from Iraq drilling waste management market:

  • There are over 120 oil pits to be treated.
  • More than 60% are emptied from crude and what is left is sludge and soil to be treated.
  • Average sizes are 100 miters in length, 70 miters in width and 5 miters in depth.
  • We will be dealing with all of them, the ones that have sludge and soil left and the ones that are still filled with crude.
  • The base of all pits is earthen. No concrete nothing else but earthen.
  • Our task is to treat all pits and remediate the land to original status where we will plant them with trees.

drilling waste management rigsite

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May 09

Oil Based Mud ( OBM) is much costly in oil & gas drilling. In order to recycle and reuse the OBM discharged from solids control line ( shale shaker & desander & desilter), lower down the drilling cost and make it easy to further treatment in environmental friendly way, OBM Recycling Unit is becoming much popular for drilling contractors.  Many drilling contractor will buy one set OBM Recycling Unit for their own use or rent service from third party service company. With customer’s feedback and suggestions, GN Solids Control develop one set OBM Recycling Unit. With  the OBM Recycling Unit, your work will be simplified, effective.

GN Solids OBM Recycling Unit General Configuration

Screw Conveyor, GNSC12A-36, 2 nos

Vertical Cuttings Dryer, GNCD930LC, 1 nos

Decanter Centrifuge, GNLW363BG, 1 nos

Submersible Slurry Pump, GN50YZ20A-18, 1 nos

Telescopic Skid for Vertical Cuttings Dryer, 1 nos

Height Adjustable Telescopic Skid for Decanter Centrifuge, 1 nos

Liquid transfer sump tank, 1 nos

vertical cuttings dryer

GN Solids OBM Recyling Unit General Working Process

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Apr 25

GN oilfield decanter centrifuges can be used in different applications for handling drilling mud for solids control and drilling waste management.

How to set up bowl speed for decanter centrifuge for drilling mud?

Take GNLW363 serires decanter cantrifuge for examsple, operator can set up the decanter centrifuge speed as following, it can used for following application:

PLC Decanter Centrifuge Speed

PLC Decanter Centrifuge Speed

  • Barite Recovery: Operator can run the centrifuge with G foce at range from 700-1000 G, and run the 14 inch decanter centrifuge at speed around 2000 RPM.
  • High Gravity Solids(HGS) Separation:Operator can run the centrifuge with G foce at range from 1000-2000 G, and run the 14 inch decanter centrifuge at speed around 2500 RPM.
  • Low Gravity Solids(LGS) Separation:Operator can run the decanter centrifuge with G foce at range from 1800-2300 G, and run the 14 inch decanter centrifuge at speed around 3000 RPM.

How to asjust the speed for decanter centrifuge?

The method to set up bowl speed for decanter centrifuge normally have three ways, one is to USE the VFD control system to adjust the frequency for the motors to control the speed for the decanter centrifuge, second is to use Hydraulic driven system to adjust the bowl speed and differential speed.Third, to change the centrifuge speed is to use different sizes of pulley and belt to change the speed.

GN offers decanter centrifuge for all above types to allow users to use the decanter centrifuges for different applications.

Decanter Centrifuge Feeding Pump speed and capacity.

To feed the GN 14 inch GNLW363 Decanter centrifuge, normaly we recommend to use GNG30-7.5 screw pump.The GNG30-7.5 screw pump is a positive displacement single screw pump, the capacity of the pump depends on the speed or the motor, the motor transfer the speed thru gearbox to the pump.  For example, the ration of the Screw pump is 6/1 so if the pump motor run at 60HZ, that means the motor run at 1750RPM and the pump will run at 291RPM. And if the decanter centrifuge feeding pump run at 291 RPM with capacity at 30m³/h. And if adjust the VFD to run at 30HZ, the pump speed will be half capacity, around 15m³/h.





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Feb 11

Nigeria, as the  world sixth-largest producer of crude oil, the oil exporation and drilling business is very hot. This lead to large demand on equipment used for oil drilling. GN Solids is  China manufacturer focus on solid control and drilling waste management equipment. During the year of 2013, Nigeria market imported 15 sets of decanter centrifuge from GN Solids.

The most popular centrifuge model for Nigeria oil drilling market is GNLW363VFD. Almost every customer like this model because of big treating capacity, higher G-Force, variable frequency drive. So far we have many successful maketing cases to proof GN Solids Centrifuge with reliable working performance.

Hereunder, pls see below chart of different brand comparison.

Centrifuge Comparison-Brandt HS3400-GNLW363VFD-Swaco 518

Any requirement or questions on centrifuge or other solid control equipment , pls contact GN Solids. We will offer you best support and reliable equipment.

Or send email to :   0086-156 0305 4293

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Jan 04

Decanter Centrifuge has different functions when it works in different conditions.  As for oil and energy field, we usually use decanter centrifuge for mud system and drilling waste management. GN Solids has many years experience in manufacturering and sales. We have exported many decanter centrifuge to over 60 countries and areas. So far, GN Solids has established some branches to support the prosperous areas, like branches in USA, UAE, Australia, Russia.

Decanter Centrifuge

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Apr 11

Drill cuttings are separated by shale shaker, decander, desiler, decanter centrifuge, and collected by screw conveyor or vacuum unit , for further separation of vertical cutting dryer & decanter centrifuge.

drill cuttings separation

drill cuttings separation

In an ideal situation, all drill solids are removed from a drilling fluid by solids control equipment on a drilling operation. The two primary sources of solids are chemical additives and formation drill cuttings. Drill cuttings are contaminants that degrade the performance of the drilling fluid. If the drill cuttings are not separated, they will be ground into smaller and smaller particles that become more difficult to remove from the drilling fluid.

Most formation solids can be removed by mechanical means at the surface. Small particles are more difficult to remove and have a greater effect on drilling fluid properties than large particles. The particle size of drilled solids incorporated into drilling fluid can range from 1 to 250 microns (1 micron equals 1/25, 400 of an inch of 1/1000 of a millimetre).

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Dec 12

The landfills are low-cost and low-technology, so until now, it is the most popular method for drilling waste disposalin developing companies, who do not have much concern about environment.

drilling waste management equipments

drilling waste management equipments

1 Landfill

After drilling waste are maximum recovered and the certain level for oil, salt, metals or industrial chemicals can reach the disposal standard set up by environment Department, it can be landfill disposal. Even with low-concentration levels, pits must be structurally sound and isolated from groundwater sources, so that it can not be thread of groundwater supplies.

Waste with slightly higher concentrations can be blended with clean soil to meet acceptable levels. Pits can be located within plant rooting zones, but cannot intersect with ground water tables. If waste exhibits toxic concentrations, disposal can only occur in specially engineered and legally permitted landfills (on-site or off-site)

2 Drilling waste management

Only when the drilling waste is maximum recycled and treatment and reach the certain level, it can be landfill. GN solids control worked together with drilling waste management service companies, we provide equipments to support the service company to do the drilling waste disposal service.GN Vertical cutting dryer can make the drill cutting dryer and oil content in the cuttings is lower than 5%, then the water can be chemical treatment and the cuttings can be landfill or others.

Although there are a lot of methods for drilling waste disposal, the core solution is to reduce the drilling waste and maximum recycling them. A proper solids control system can minimize the drill cuttings and recycle more useful drilling fluids, a good drilling waste management system can recycle more cleaning drilling fluids from the cuttings, both of them can less the drilling waste disposal. GN provide both solids control & waste management solution, you need further process for the drilling waste disposal.

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Dec 07

GN designed and produced customized screw conveyorfor drill cuttings. We can design screw conveyor system according to client’s requirement.

Screw Conveyor for drill cuttings

Screw Conveyor for drill cuttings

GN has standard 14 inch and 18 inch diameter screw conveyor for option, also you can choose 2 section, 3 section, or 4 section ( maximum). Each Screw with electric motor and control panel, we also provide motor and control panel with IEC certification for option. The painting and material can also be choose, we have carbon steel, stainless steel and another much harder material than stainless steel for option. The installation tilt Angle of the Auger has 2 options, ≤5°or ≤40°. You can choose fixed speed or variable speed drive for the screw propeller.

The screw conveyor is a simple way to transport drilled solids. Screw conveyors are typically used to transport drilled cuttings from the shale shaker area to a discharge port, skip or to secondary processing equipment ( like drilling waste management system). The inside scroll( screw) also called auger, which is drived by a electric motor, drill cutting is fed into the Screw Conveyor and transported along by the rotating scroll.

Screw conveyor size and horsepower requirements will vary, dependent upon the length of the run, bit size, rate of penetration and flow rate. Additional sizes are available upon request. For detailed chart, pls contact GN solids control.

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