Jul 06

Workover is used to refer to any kind of oil well intervention involving invasive techniques, such as wireline, coiled tubing or snubbing. More specifically though, it will refer to the expensive process of pulling and replacing a completion.

workover parts

workover parts

Workover Rig is available for both onshore as well as offshore. Before any workover, the well must first be killed. Since workovers are long planned in advance, there would be much time to plan the well kill and so the reverse circulation would be common. The intense nature of this operation often requires no less than the capabilities of a drilling rig.

Workover parts may include the following parts basically:

Workover rig, Manifold, triplex mud pump, mud system, BOP, Top drives, Blow out preventers.

Workover mud system:

GN solids control produced workover mud system for 250HP, 350HP, 450HP, 550HP, 650HP,750HP workover rigs. They have been applied in more than 60 countries in the world. Some clients may get the mud system from rig package supplier. But a much sane choice is to buy the mud system separately from solid scontrol Continue reading »

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May 11

GN solids control shipped 1 set of 1000HP rig solid control equipments to India. These equipments are for service of ONGC( Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited ). It is an Indian state-owned oil and gas company headquartered in New Delhi, India. It is one of the largest Asia-based oil and gas exploration and production companies, and produces around 77% of India’s total crude oil production .ONGC is one of the largest publicly traded companies by market capitalization in India and the largest India-based company measured by profits.

solid control equipments for ONGC

solid control equipments for ONGC

The 1000HP rig solid control equipments including tandem shale shaker with flow divider and jet water cleaner(to clean shaker screens), desander, desilter,  jet mud mixer( hopper assembly), mud agitator, vacuum degasser, centrifugal pump, with one year spare parts for the above equipments. All the motor needs to be DGMS approved, also the control panel. They make mud tank in India to reduce freight cost and production cost.

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May 20

GN provides air-operated double-diaphragm pumps and accessories. Now we have inquiry for Air compressor driving the diaphragm pump. Welcome air compressor manufacturer to contact us for cooperation.

What is Air Diaphram pump?

diaphram pump

diaphram pump

An Air Diaphram pump is a positive displacement pump that uses a combination of the reciprocating action of a rubber, thermoplastic or teflon diaphragm and suitable non-return check valves to pump a fluid. Sometimes this type of pump is also called a membrane pump.

Air Diaphram pump features:

  • have good suction lift characteristics, some are low pressure pumps with low flow rates; others are capable of higher flows rates, dependent on the effective working diameter of the diaphragm and its stroke length. They can handle sludges and slurries with a relatively high amount of grit and solid content.
  • suitable for discharge pressure up to 1,200 bar
  • have good dry running characteristics.
  • are low-shear pumps.
  • can be used to make artificial hearts.
  • are used to make air pumps for the filters on small fish tanks.
  • can be up to 97% efficient.
  • have good self priming capabilities.
  • can handle highly viscous liquids.
  • are available for industrial, chemical and hygienic applications
  • cause a pulsating flow that may cause water hammer

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Apr 14

Oilfield drilling policy in Latin American

 1 Brazil

Brazilian oil deposits below a layer of salt in the Atlantic Ocean hold at least 123 billion barrels of reserves, more than double government estimates, according to a university study by a former Petroleo Brasileiro SA geologist.

oilfield drilling equipments

oilfield drilling equipments

 2 ColombiaColombia is currently one of the friendliest South American countries in terms of oil and gas regulations and royalties.

 In 2003, Colombia’s National Agency for Hydrocarbons (ANH) created a new energy policy, the state-owned hydrocarbon company, to compete with other oil and gas companies for exploration and production contracts.The new policy also allows private companies such benefits as 100% ownership upon exploration success.

 3 Ecuador

Ecuador produces more oil than it needs for domestic consumption and thus it is one of the country’s leading exports. Therefore, any new drilling for oil is not intended to meet local demand but is intended for export overseas, most likely to Japan and the United States.  Beneath the surface in eastern Ecuador and within the Amazon rain forest, are large amounts of oil.  Critics warn that the habitat could suffer either through the direct spilling of product and soil contamination or through the opening of the area to the outside through the building of roads.

 Due to the drilling activities in Latin American, environment protection should be on the way right now. A plenty of drilling mud recycling system and drilling waste treatment system are urgently demand.

 GN solids control provide various of drilling equipments and drilling mud recycling system for oilfield.

Advantages of using drilling mud equipments in oilfield

1 recycling drilling mud to used for drilling rig, it can save considerable drilling cost

2 Environment protection

 After treated by drilling mud equipments, the solids can be trucked away, some are used for construction landfill, some are used to Brick production

3 recycling barite

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Jul 23

Work over drilling rig mud system is also one kind of solids control system in drilling work. And GN Solids Control is professional at this kind of mud system. After 2 mud tank systems for workover drilling rig to Indonesia, and Drilling mud system and mud mixing system for Australia,  today Another 2 Sets XJ550 HP Petroleum Workover Drilling rig solids control mud system are finished within 40 days ready for delivery to Kazakhstan.

workover rig mud systemThe workover rig mud system is usually contains shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, and mud tank. The desander and desilter is optional, it depends on the environment you faced.

As you may have noticed, we have send the work over rig mud system to two different place, Indonesia and Kazakhstan. South, North,and Middle of the earth, hot and cold. GN Solids Control can supply all the equipments customized, wherever you are, Indonesia or Kazakhstan, south or north of the earth,or you are in the coldest area or hottest area, you need, and GN do it, what’s more, do it perfect! Continue reading »

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Jul 05

GN design complete line mud cleaning equipment for Oil&Gas drilling mud solids control,HDD mud recycling system,and indusrial slurry cleaning.

Four phase mud cleaning equipment

  • Shale Shaker

Shale Shaker is the first and most important equipment for drilling mud cleaning.This clenaing equipment separate

Mud Cleaning Equipment

Mud Cleaning Equipment

particle size usually above 70mirons.
We provide both linear motion shale shaker and balanced elliptical motion shale shaker.

  • Desaner/Desilter/Mud Cleaner

Desander with 10inch cones,or 8inch cones,or 12 inch cones act as the second phase drilling mud cleaning equipment.We have customized number cones desander for clients.Desander cleaning mud usually between 47-76microns.Desilter with 4inch cones,or 5inch cones,act as the third phase mud cleaning equipment.Which clean out particles 15-45microns.Mud cleaner is a combination of desander & desilter and with underfluids bottom shale shaker,which act as both desander and desilter function.Mud cleaner manimum footprint of the equipments,and has big capacity for mud cleaning and treatment. Continue reading »

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Feb 23

We manufacture drilling rig matting boards for oilfield clients.

rig matting boards

rig matting boards

The following is an inquiry from clients for rig matting boards:

Please provide your best prices, availability, delivery period & payment terms for the Following items.

Learn more about:GN Solids Control

Rig Matting Boards:

8 ft width x 20 ft length by approximately 6 inch height.

Wood matting with welded metal frame, 3 runner design.

Complete with recessed handling rings

Qty : 105 each

Also advise Freight Charges to Dubai, UAE separately.

Your Offer for the same is expected at the earliest  with specifications.

Our proposal:

Remarks on technique standard for drilling rig mat boards: Continue reading »

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Feb 01

Lianyungang Huanghai Machinery Factory Co., Ltd is a HDD drilling rig manufacturer from China.As a HDD mud system manufacturer from China,-GN Solids Control post blogs to share with people abou

HDD drilling rig

t China large HDD drilling rig manufacturer info. with our clients.

Lianyungang Huanghai Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. is a large-scale key enterprise in the industry of geological exploration field. Founded in the year of 1969, the factory belonged formerly to Ministry of Geology and MineralResources of China. Huanghai Machinery Facotry Co.,Ltd  is now a separate legal personality shareholding enterprise. Equipped with more than 40 years professional manufacturing experience and professional production team as well as more than 700 excellent skillful workers, more than 50 experienced engineers and more than four hundred sophisticated equipments, the high quality drilling equipments will be manufactured and supplied to our customers in the eighty thousand square meters area of working shops in the factory.

Lianyungang Huanghai Machinery Factory Co., Ltd Market

At present, Huanghai Machinery is the largest manufacturer in the geological exploration field in China, with the most variety of products and the largest market share in China. Lianyuangang Huanghai Machinery Factory Co.,Ltd  products have been exported to more than twenty countries and regions, such as Canada, Australia, Turkey, Iran, South Africa and Russia and also the countries in Asia and South America.

Visit website of:Lianyuangang Huanghai Machinery Factory Co.,Ltd

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Jan 01

A Client from Indian ask us for Tendering Diesel Electrical Land Drilling Rig and mobile drilling rig.

We offer drilling rig mud system package

land drilling rig

land drilling rig

There will be Tender coming from Oil India Ltd. in one and a half months’ time.  This tender is mainly for buying a 2000 HP Diesel Electrical Land drilling Rig with 1000 KBPS Mast and Substructures conforming to API 4E or 4F with optional VFO and also one 750 HP Mobile drilling Rig.  The specification is under preparation.

Customer have put a restriction that they will prefer a company who has 15 years API Certificate in offering drilling rigs.

The local job of the  Diesel Electrical Land Rig and mobile rig can be arranged by us to reduce the cost. Continue reading »

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Dec 15

GN design drilling mud trip tank for petroleum drilling mud circulation system.GN mud agitators and centrifugal pumps are components for  the mud trip tank .With GN experienced engineers,our selection for the mud mixers and trip pumps are compatible for the trip tank.

Drilling mud trip tank definition

Drilling mud trip tank is a small mud tank with a capacity of 10 to 15 barrels, usually with 1-barrel or H-barrel

Mud Trip tank

Mud Trip tank

divisions, used to ascertain the amount of mud necessary to keep the wellbore  full with the exact amount of mud that is displaced by drill pipe. When the bit comes out of the hole, a volume of mud equal to that which the drill pipe occupied while in the hole must be pumped into the hole to replace the pipe. When the bit goes back in the hole, the drill pipe displaces a certain amount of mud, and a trip tank can be used again to keep track of this volume. Continue reading »

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