Sep 26

Mud mixing equipment ususlly includes mud hopper, mud gun, mud agitator, jet mud mixer.  Offshore mud mixing equipments needs marine explorsion proof motors for mud agitator and centrifugal pump.
Tanks of offshore drilling is usually different, so mud mixing unit is very special, the shaft of mud agitator must adopt the depth of the tank, so does the length of the mud gun.
One sample solution for our customer:
Usually our agitator have two impellers, as the tank is very deep, we design three for them now.
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Jan 29

We make shearing jet system for bentonite polymers and other powder additives mixing.We links the shearing jet system to the mud mixing tank for assisting in achieving the properties needed from drilling mud such as viscosity for hole cleaning, water loss control and filter cake build up.

Jet Shearing system

Jet Shearing system

The shearing jet system is a skid mounted system,which a centrifugal pump and mixing hopper are installed.On weighted mud applications, the ability to handle Barite during potential blow-out applications is even more important. The importance of properly applied shear energy and dispersion has lead to the instant success of GN Solids Control shearing and mixing system, model:SLH Jet mud mixer

In the GN Jet shearing system, mud passing through the hopper venturi is directed to pass through specially designed jet orifices to impart additional shear energy.
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Dec 05

Mud jet mixing system is available for oil gas drilling & HDD (Horizontal directional drilling).

Jet mixing pump is ok and what i understand from the photographs is that this jet mixing system is for online usage. That means that the mud is to be mixed while the intake of water is going on which is contrary to the actual system adopted in directional drilling wherein the water tanks are filled up first and then the mixing procedure starts so what we actually need is a jet mixing system which can actually act as a stirrer in the mud tank itself.

Mud jet mixing system

Mud jet mixing system

We must also keep in mind that the speed of water intake is much higher than pouring of bentonite so online system for simultaneous water intake and mixing seems a little typical.
Bentonite mixing unit
I will try and send you some snaps of typical mud mixing system used in HDD in my next mail which can throw some more light on what i am trying to convey.

There might be some misunderstanding for our jet mixing sytem,from your description,it seems our system just meet the requirements,pls see enclosed photoes for pipes linkes of our jet mixing the following explanation:

1,For mixing,firstly,water tanks are filled up, then adding bentonite from the hopper,the mixing system mix the bentonite and fluids from the pump,then goes from the blue pipe into the tank. Continue reading »

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Dec 01

GN mud mixing hopper are widely used in HDD(horizontal directional drilling) and oil gas drilling for bentonite mixing.Mud Mixing unit is combination of drilling mud hopper and centrifugal pumps,it’s mixing force comes from the centrifugal pump.

mud mixing hopper

mud mixing hopper

The mud mixing hopper, also called a jet mixing hopper, in which materials are put into the circulating mud system. The mud hopper is powered by a centrifugal pump that flows the mud at high velocity through a venturi nozzle (jet) below the conical-shaped hopper. Dry materials are added through the mud hopper to provide dispersion, rapid hydration and uniform mixing. Liquids are sometimes fed into the mud by a hose placed in the hopper.

Mud Mixing Hoppers

The GN Mud equipmet range of mud mixing hoppers delivers safe, accurate and reliable mud mixing for both on- and off-shore applications. Design of the hopper is focused on key safety and usability features such as dust-free operations, interfacing abilities and remote or manual control options.

The mud mixing unit can be delivered with an integrated Venturi-type mud mixer to provide fast, easier and more effective mixing of fluids and powders. We can also design and manufacture upgrades of existing mud mixing hopper systems to ensure dust-free operations and more modern interfacing abilities. Feeding and dosing is controlled using Open / Close valves; the valves can be controlled remotely (optional) or locally.

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Oct 31

As a drilling mud agitator and sand pumps manufacturer, we inquiries from our international mud tanks manufacturer client asking for buying mud agitators and sand pumps from us. Because outsourcing mud agitators, and sand pumps will save their cost, and production price.

I am interested in the prices for the mud mixing pumps ( with explosion proof motors ) , 11 Kw and 15Kw agitators,sand pumps etc , as we are producers of mud tanks for the oil industry here in Libya.

As a mud tanks manufacturer, Our Company is working with all major oil Contractors in Libya , and are depending on orders from them.

The world crisis is affecting our part of the world too. Rig count here is down too
At the moment we have orders for 2 x 3,000 bbls drilling mud systems only – we will be looking for the equipment for them, but last time the conditions which we received from your Company ( also prices ) were not very different from the prices which we have for similar equipment from the United States. And you must understand , that in such case we are going to purchase from there – as reputable manufacturer.

To buy from your Company you must be much more aggressive in pricing and delivery conditions – please re-consider.
We are still interested in all mud tank additional equipment : mud agitators, mud guns, pumps and maybe shale shakers

I appreciated your call – you must understand , that our purchase will depend not only on the price , but  also on after sale services and spare parts availability , as we want to offer to our customers reliable products.

Please send me a Proforma Invoice – based on 20 ft volume container – C & F to Tripoli , Libya for the following :

1. 8 x 11 Kw mud agitators

2. 8 x 15 Kw mud agitators

3. 4 x 30 Kw sand pumps

4. 4 x 37 Kw sand pumps

5. 20 drilling mud guns

Consumables for above pumps – seals or mud guards.

We are looking forward to cooperating mud tanks manufacturers, we manufacturer equipments like mud agitators, sand pumps, shale shakers or centrifuge them.Work on win-win situation.

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Oct 19

JBQ mud agitator is a part of solid control system of mud tank, which is mainly used in agitating and blending drilling fluid so as to control the depositions of solid particles in its tank cycling system and keep the drilling mud property of circulation stable and mixture uniform.The drilling mud agitator are required for storage mud tanks,and mud tanks

Drilling Mud agitator

Drilling Mud agitator

with solids control equiments.

Learn more about the specs for GN: Drilling mud agiator

JBQ Drilling mud agitator has some major features as following:

(1)       The reducer of the agitator adopts a cylindrical worm with an axial section of circular acre. The circular acre teeth of impeller wheel are conjugated with the worm, which provide good convexo-concave engagement, high efficiency transmission, strong agitating ability and compact structure.

(2)       The reducer of the JBQ drilling mud agitator  combines with anti-explosion motor, which is suit for rough operation condition in field, and can be repaired conveniently.

(3)        New up-down structural agitating impeller wheels have a two-layers structure, which can be used as one-layer and dual-layer one.

(4)       The strong agitation, broad conformance and low starting moment of resistance are provided.

(5)        The drilling mud agitator Level – placed motor is easy for installation, adjustment and replacement.

As 1 of top 10 China solids control manufacturer,we also design complete equipments for horizontal directional drilling mud system.Get competitive price,top quality mud agitators from GN solids control.

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Oct 17

When design HDD drilling mud mixing tank,and storage tanks,when should take the following items for consideration.
The pictures are :Drilling Mud mixing tanks for export

Welcome to Consult us for HDD drilling mud tanks or mud system design as well as oilfield drilling solids control system design.Cost-effective solutions are guaranteed .

mud storage tanks

mud storage tanks

  • All Mud Tanks to be equipped with agitators with sufficient turnover rate to prevent settling mud.
  • All drilling mud tanks shall be equipped with level sensors.
  • Electrical equipment shall be suitable to be located in zone oilfield  environment.
  • The chemical dosing system shall consist of 5 feeding stations where 4 stations are combined for dry bulk and liquid.
  • The feeding stations shall be able to feed into two separate mixing lines. The unit shall be able to handle single sacks.
  • The chemicals shall be transported, stored and mixed without any risk for spillage orharmful exposure for personnel.
  • The drilling mud tanks shall be completely covered and ventilated with inspection hatches.
  • The HDD (Horizontal directional drilling ) mud tank design shall ensure easy cleaning and easy access.
  • The H.P. shear unit shall be located in the mud  mixing tank, chemical mixing tank, and one storage tank.Two separate mixing lines shall be available simultaneously to familitate mixing in both the active and storage system.
  • The triptank shall be designed to measure volume variance down to 0.1m3. Measurement by two independent systems.

GN Solids Control design manufacture and export drilling mud mixing tanks and drilling mud storage tanks internationally.Welcome to contact us to consult for design and manufacture drilling mud tanks.

We also design HDD drilling mud tanks mounted with Equipments like desander,desitlers,or mud cleaners.

Each drilling  mud tank shall have possibility to be isolated from the system during maintenance.
he agitator gearboxes to be greased. One drilling mud storage tank and the slug tank to be designed for 2.0 s.g. mud. The reminding tanks shall be designed for 1.8 s.g. mud.

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Oct 14

GN Solids Control design and manufacture complete mud tank system for customer internationally.

mud tank system

mud tank system

To get material of -500 mm + 0,015 mm when solid rate of the pulp is under 30%,our ZQJ 250×100 Mud Cleaner(conbination of linear motion shale shaker+desander+desilter) will work well for your application. Because, the viscosity of drilling fluids is high since it contains clay,and bentonite. When mud viscosity is low,the separation effect will be better.

To separate different rangle of particles,if particle size rangle you need is not very big as we thought when study the info. you sent us,we can design a complete mud tank system use different mud separation equipments like shakers,desilters,desanders,centrifuges.And also we can adjust the separation particle size rangle by using different mesh screens,different speed centrifuges.The specs in our brochure is for normal models.

We enclosed the complete mud tank system from big to small for your info.

We have the following questions for propasal of our separation equipments & system:
1,Different rangles of particle size you need to get?
2,The treating capacity of the mud you require,eg. 200 m3/h ?
3,The solid rate of your mud?

Then will design a complete mud tank system for your application.

Customer reply:

Below; first of all, we want to give the answers of your 3 questions.
1-The range of the particle size we aim to get is;
Maximum Size 0,5mm
Minimum Size 0,005mm (5 microns)
2-The treating capacity of the mud we require is; between 200m3/h – 250m3/h.
3-The solid rate of our mud would be maximum 30%.
Currently, we continue flotation test works in order to fix the absolute particle size and the absolute pumps and machines capacities.

We would like to state that we are quite pleased to cooperate with GN Solids Control and looking forward to have your engineer in November in Turkey.

After we get the result,we’ll keep gn solids control blog updated about this deal,and provide the solutions about what complete mud tank systems we privided.

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Jul 23

GN Solids Control manufacture equipments including:Oil drilling jet mud mixer.

China price.World service.Developed countries quality gas oil dirlling jet mud mixer.

Photos of Jet mud mixer

Jet mud mixer
Jet mud mixer

Description of oil drilling jet mud mixer


SLH series Mud jet mixer is a new special equipment in oil drilling field. This drilling fluid Mud jet mixer is a high performance equipment worked together with the solids control system for petroleum drilling.This Mud jet mixer is mainly used to configurate and increase the drilling fluid, change the fluid’s density, viscosity, and dehydration. The effect of SLH series oil drilling Mud jet mixer is more prominent if it matches with Shear Pumps. It is safe and stable enough to be moved conveniently. At the same time,GN company has several accomplished engineers, we can make Twin-Jet Mud Mixer according to the users’ requirements.

Best mud jet mixer for oil gas drilling.Buy equipments from GN solids control.

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Jul 23

GN mud Agitators are manufactured in China facotry.But we offer worldwide sales and solids control oilfield service.

Buy mud Agitators from China manufacturer,Enjoy good quality,fast service,and best price.

Picture for Mud agitator

GN mud agitator

GN mud agitator

About GN mud agitator

GN company as a professional manufacturer for soilds control equipments, we have designed lots of high-quality products, and JBQ series Agitator is one of them. To keep both the mud uniformity and the suspension of solids, the mud agitator is used to agitate the mud consecutively and reliably.This agitator agitates the mud to make cuttings, silt and sand pass the solids control system without being precipitated onto the tank bottom. Due to the simplex turbine decelerator, this product is featured by compact construction, light weight, balanced transmission, low noise, high efficiency of transmission and strong agitating power. Therefore, it is a reliable product in the solids control system.

Buy China made mud agitator for drilling mud system from GN solids control

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